Bug on gladiator oce

In the past few weeks there has been a lot of win trading in the 2v2 and 3v3 arena on the Oceanic servers. There was a bunch of bans that went out and this team is still on the ladder sitting 4th

But one of the teams are still pending to get banned on the ladder and were on the ban list and because of this it puts us out of the run for gladiator. As we don’t want this to be taken away from us from the silly decisions from other people win trading.

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The forums are not a means to report. Email hacks@blizzard.com and remove the names from the post please. Accusations are not allowed.


The WOW team is aware of issues with the OCE ladder for the previous season and are looking into that. I don’t have an ETA, and can’t make any guarantees to you directly (I don’t have the list of eligible players/teams) - but it is under investigation.

Sorry for the delay!


Latest update:


Hey kalviery our team still has not got gladiator. after the teams that should be disqualified, we should have been 3 teams inside the cuff off. thanks for your help

You may want to post over in the thread Kalviery linked. They’re mostly only here on Customer Support, but it looks like another SFA is kind of keeping an eye on the issue over there.


Just to clarify, Kaivax is a Community Manager for World of Warcraft - not a Support Forum Agent. SFAs only post in the support forum and are members of the Customer Support department.

But other than that, you’re spot on with the advice. I can only share that the matter was being investigated and provide updates based on the information the game team shares (through the Community Managers).

We’re not directly involved in this process and aren’t able to issue any rewards or see who might be eligible for them. As Kaivax mentioned, let them know if you believe you were eligible.