Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs?

Any dev that looks at the teams I posted for more than 5 minutes will see they are clear mistakes.

Teams don’t contain any banned players. The players have all the required wins, team participation and personal rating. They are all above the cut off for R1 or Glad. Some of the teams teammates even got the correct title.

How does it make any sense that 3 players played in a team all season together, rewards go out and only 2 people get correct titles.

This seems to have been done manually, but one thing is for certain, there are errors.

Like I said, 5 minutes of a developers time at Blizzard could see the issues.

Another 5 minutes to just acknowledge that something is being done.

And this would save people hours of following up on forums, days of waiting for tickets, and just put our minds to rest that we aren’t going to get cheated out of a title that was legitimately earned. A title that people spent countless hours working towards. Studying the game, gearing their characters, grinding out the games.

All of this dedication and effort to not even get the reward that was earned. All of this, to not even get a reply from anyone from Blizzard. Just complete silence after a clear mistake from the devs.

We don’t care that you made a mistake, but at least own it and let us know it’s being worked on.


Can confirm there are players who have have still not received their correct titles.

Belquinv, mitchinspace, dintxo, inspectahdek, apocolytelol - and possibly more…

Blizzard - can you please let us know if this is being worked on. Thanks :slight_smile:

looks like more titles just went out

Can confirm titles went out for more players.

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Mitchinspace and Roox have gotten titles and mounts as of the last hour now.

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We’ve been looking into this, and it looks like it’s on the right track. Yesterday, we found several qualifying teams that still hadn’t been rewarded, and rewards should be rolling out.

We’ll keep checking on it. If there is anyone who expects a title and still hasn’t gotten it after logging in after the next realm maintenance, please let us know.


Ban Spacerat for manipulating the ladder with autobans.


Can confirm my buddies dintxo and apocolytelol got their titles… much love blizz <3

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OCE realms have been missing the “Alliance War Effort” quest for a while now as well, Blizzard forgot about us for that too

Thanks Kaivax, looks like most people if not all have correctly received their rewards. However, several people have received their rewards by mistake as their teams were disqualified, please look into this as well.


Acro hates women and hates being a Gladiator.

yeh, please make sure all the win trading teams are stripped, there are still many unworthy teams with titles. acro, klinda to mention two that i know of. i believe they even have rank 1 titles now in there DQ’d teams

Lol klinda needed to win trade for his title?

That’s sad.

i dont believe klinda himself was in on it, but haiku 100% was and hes been banned from all the teams they shared. but both lose rewards because of it.

Can you please look into unbanning teams/players who did nothing wrong?

Thinking the R1 5s team win-traded is ludicrous, and some of them still have open tickets. Not sure what happens if/when they get unbanned and you’ve already readjusted cutoffs and given out rewards.

Also while we’re at it, why is Klinda’s team R1 in 5s (with a banned player, Haiku), yet the team above them with a banned player (Legends) is DQed?


They were banned for RMT, and it was 100% confirmed.

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Hey yeah I should have Rank 1 title, just send it through ASAP please.

klindas team needs to be stripped of rewards just like all the other DQs

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i agree klindas team had haiku , thats an auto DQ all there rewards need to be stripped just like NA and EU

yeh ive just seen multi players with glad mounts/titles/ rank 1 from teams that should have been DQ’d mainly klinda hopefully blizzard does something