BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

wowwiki dot fandom dot com/wiki/Reckoning_Bomb

It was in vanilla. It’s in classic. This ‘exploit’ is the same as the reck bomb ‘exploit.’

Go play retail if you want a balanced game.

‘The paladin would then proceed to attack a target and unleash all the charges stored as extra attacks resulting in killing players in one shot and soloing 40 man raid bosses in a matter of seconds’

Is different from the bug HoJ being discussed

It scales with a ‘rek bomb’ because each of those rek bomb attacks can proc the hoj.

It’s the same ‘exploit.’ They even hotfixed it to limit the attacks instead of being unlimited. Just because people didn’t figure out this iteration of it during vanilla doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. #nochanges. Play retail if you want balance.

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Let me ask you, is this Reference SERVER and Client both on authentic hardware of the actual time period? Because that matters.

Ever play some of the older video games from the 80’s that you have to put into an emulation because they’re set to clock speed?

That’s the point I am making…

If you don’t have legit hardware of the time, and connection of the time at a reasonable distance of the time then the “TEST” is pointless even before it starts because you have no reasonable authentic frame of reference.

Go to retail.

No changes huh? Not a bug, it shouldnt be working like so, and doesnt work like so without exploiting a bug with spell batching.

One is an infinite stacking of rek, the other is using a macro to stop/start your attack to get an extra hit that nothing procced

So people using spell batching to do positive things for themselves should be banned but people suffering from spell batching creating very unfair jank interactions damaging their class…NAH BRO DAT BE FINE.

Banned? no. Does it deserve at the very minimum to be investigated further? yes.

This also needs addressing.

Both of this needs to happen to keep the balance of Classic as close to it was originally.

They’d basically have to remove spell batching- as it causes ‘bugs’ with frost mage shatter, ele shammy crits (can chain lightning+shock auto crit), melee sword spec/windfury/reck bombs.

You’d have to get rid of leeway too, since that massively benefits melee by making melee range the entire deadzone (hunters really get shafted by changes).

But if you actually look at the ‘Not a Bug’ list, consider what they’re saying.

They ARE saying that using /sit and not getting procs from crits is NOT a bug.

They are NOT however saying that using /sit and getting procs IS a bug.

Oh no! a paladin managed to kill one of the gank squad members! BUG! BUG! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Go back to camping flightpoints in level 45 zones

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4 members of a 5 man party, solo in under 10 seconds,

Legitimate pvp tatic on a pvp server I dont do this myself.

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How is camping a flightmaster pvp? It is zero risk honor farming yes, but lets not kid ourselves into thinking this behavior is “pvp”.

And yes, when the children get 1 shot by a paladin coming off a griffon they scream NOO FAIR NO FAIR BUG BUG! I had that flightpoint camped with 12 other people! I shouldn’t have died! EXPLOITS EXPLOITS!

The horde community is largely a bunch of children, that behave like children, and cry like children.

Especially when this bug vastly favors the horde with windfury procs… bu bu bu paladins can use it so reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! go cry on the forums the alliance can exploit spell batching too.

No FAIR! No Fair!

Lets not bother mentioning the horde pvp kings don’t even have to enter a contested zone until level 45, or that the guards around thier camps are all 60 elites while the alliance are zone level mobs…

Removing an escape path from your enemy is not an exploit. Killing players that land off a flight path without exploiting the honorless debuff off them is legit, mind controlling them to remove the debuff is an exploit

No one said its fair - but thats the point of a pvp server isnt it?

Who is here acting immature about a game? PvP server - Red = Dead. Head on over to a pve server if you want fair pvp.

Excuse me… Was there information on the character creation screen, or blizzard forum post that told me server population and faction balance when i created my character Aug 24th? What about when I registered my names 2 weeks prior?

Was there ever at any point any official statement regarding faction balance or server populations beyond there being too many players on certain realms?

Your argument for PvP is invalid.

Low, Medium, High and Full. On the server selection screen, before picking a server.

Server faction balance has never been officially released

Never in 15 years has Blizzard stepped in with regard to faction balance. The have offered free transfers off full realms to lower pop realms in both retail and Classic to adress the issue of total population.

Is it?

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People exploiting* spell batching.

Fixed it for you.

Yes, your argument is still invalid. “this is pvp server bruh” is a silly, childish trash player argument.

I specifically rolled alliance when my friends went horde because I wanted to be outnumbered, and I wanted fast BG queues.

15 years ago vanilla Wildhammer was mostly horde, and very, very rarely had any issues questing in the world, but it was very noticeable in queue times for BG’s with the horde waiting several hours for a match.

This is the ONLY information a person would have in regards to how a classic pvp server would be, based on actual personal experience… MY OWN.

This is not vanilla, this isn’t even a close approximation. Red=Dead doesn’t work in a game where 75% of the players are all on one team, and every zone has hundreds of people in it.

Wildhammer server was a medium population server, probably 2000-2500 players. Servers now have well over 5000 since they squashed layers.

How many alliance would CHOOSE to play alliance pvp had they been given ANY information regarding server population actual numbers, or faction numbers… very very very very few.

And now the point. Even though you kiddie horde have everything spoon fed to you with raid boss level guards, not having to leave your “comfort” zones until level 45, your drastically better racials, overwhelming numbers at every level, in every zone, on all but one pvp server…

But despite all of these advantages,
The second you get killed by an alliance meme you cry FOUL! FOUL! EXPOLOITS! and run to papa blizz blizz to make the bad pally go away.

Have fun on your red=dead server, or should I say dead server.

Alliance meme is a pally blowing up 1 target. No issue here
Paladin in Molten Core gear kills 5 horde solo by abusing in game bugs for extra instant attacks. Issue here

Thern we get to here - Said paladin in now in R14 gear because he was able to farm honor 5 times a faster than any other class due to an exploit (this one does affect you!) kills 15 horde solo by abusing an ingame bug. Big issue here

Phase 6 arrives. Said paladin is now in full BiS Naxx gear. MoM and an auto attack non crit for 1300. Solos ORG buy abusing an ingame bug. See how its a power creep issue and not that i died?

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Aaaaaaand the same bug effects windfury and all horde melee classes with a shaman present.

PvP on a pvp server bruh, no changes. It was in vanillia bruh.

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I also have an issue with this.

Using a /stopattack/startattack macro to gain additional extra attacks without proccing them was not in vanilla

Oh and dont forget to fast foward to:

Raid of 40 paladins all using Blessing of Sacrifice on each other. No matter who abuses the /sit/stand bug to create a free crit and therefore a rek proc 100% of the time - BoS will then pass that crit to each and every paladin to also proc rek - on 40 players - who then use the /stop/start attack macro exploit for not 40, but 80 instant attacks.