BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

this is how vanilla Melee is boys and girls…there’s a reason why in BC they took out reckbomb and procs that give extra weapon swings. put a thrash blade on a combat rouge with the sword mastery talent and HOJ and you can get 7+ swings on 1 weapon swing its an intentionall mechanic not a bug. Procs can proc procs in vanilla that’s how meele becomes viable. Withe the sword trink and talent they all can proc each other multiple times basic procs Thrash,thrash procs HOJ procs talent Procs HOJ,Hoj procs thrash and you basic swing is still in there and Sinister strike has a chance to proc all those and it can chain proc that’s how it is. Pallys get the best of it with reckoning cuz 4 Stacks of reckoning is 5 melee swings that each have a chance to proc HOJ and Thrash you can get like 10+wep swings with righteousness on them off on someone. This is how Blizzard made the game in Vanilla and they took it out in BC and there is a reason Why vanilla is the best. If your good at the game playing a ranged you should have no problem avoiding this stop crying about not understanding how to properly play your class nerds

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ill consider this an acceptable stopgap measure against massive faction imbalance. carry on.

No that is how it is your heroic strike and swordmastery talent in fury have a chance to proc extra swings. if you have a talent hta says “chance on swing” then your extra swing from hoj and sword mastery can also proc that and proc extra swings you can get 15 extra swings if you have the right settup

It is theoretically possible for this to happen.

It is also incredibly unlikely, and if you’re trying to tell me that you can make this happen on a regular basis, you’re going to need to prove it.

Paladins in PVP are probably one of the top PVP classes in this version of the game if you have built your pally correctly you will walk on anyone. ive killed skull players as a pally lvling in hillsbrad. Ive killed skull mages while i was lvl 43 in feralas. paladin is one of the top PVP classes hands down just cuz they do no DMG on you PVE recount addon doesn’t mean they are useless you pleb

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im not saying it happens regularly but it can happen you can get higher then that as well if your lucky. This mechanic is why i as a rouge am topping dmg charts with thrash blade in my main over the other rouges who are following the recomended guide to use dalrends with that garbage offhand

Nothing from vanilla allowed ANY of those procs to infact get 2 extra attacks instead of 1.

they proc each other and can multiply proc each other the extra wepswing from HOJ can proc another extra swing from thrash so on and so forth you jsut gotta get it on the roll of the dice its like 3% on thrash and 5% on talent and 2% on Hoj so you esentially have 10% chance to get an extra swing on any swing even if it was a EXTRA SWING

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You are mistaken here

No one is complaining about getting many attacks at once. We all know that is possible.

The issue is forcing hand of justice procs to give you TWO extra attacks instead of the normal ONE. The extra attack can then proc another HOJ, and the macro can give you ANOTHER two attacks, potentially to infinity. Add in sword spec, windfury totem, etc. and it compounds even worse.

The issue is Hand of justice being bugged and giving an extra two attacks through the use of this macro, giving you 3 total attacks on a HOJ proc., with them being able to proc off themselves to infinity.

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i know thats not really how the math works
but you have to explain it to people who dont understand
so they get the point

tell me this macro ill go test it right now

In the video it is


Spam it repeatedly. Only works for 2-handlers. Try it with HOJ and see for yourself.

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I know this. It can proc 1 extra attack. Windfury (enh shaman weapon buff not thjer totem and Ironfoe both give 2 extra attacks on a proc).

What this macro does it allow it to get an additional attack so for hoj -

melee swing that procs 1 extra attack from hoj
extra attack from hoj
extra attack from hoj


If it was an additional proc it world show-

melee swing
you gain 1 extra attack from hoj
extra attack from hoj proc
you gain 1 extra attack from hoj
extra attack from hoj

One is abusing a macro for a free hit the opther is a lucky chain proc.


Very well explained. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

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I already know that…

Go back and read my response and realize I quoted the dude that said they’re in need of buffs to be viable.

I merely pointed out that if the player is crap then the build is meaningless but if the player knows how to use the class then it’s insane.

The better the player and his group (if he is with one) is in using CC properly escalates the power of Ret to a state were it’s as you say one of the top class builds in WoW; and IMO it was since the paladin update even before 1.12.

Druids are very much the same, if the player is crap then “Druid” is crap, but if the player is godly then the class is just absurd…

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This is absolutely because of spell batching. I mentioned a couple of days ago how spell batching was making Artorius act all types of weird.

I expect even more ridiculous bugs to pop up as time goes on to be honest. But hey, paladins can now be competitive-ish in the meantime!

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They already were; hell they’re borderline OP dude. If you don’t know if you never did battle vs a good one.


Its tongue and cheek. I played a ret paladin main in vanilla.

Any extra attack benefits from this. Warrior hoj proc and shaman wf weapon + hoj.
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This si jsut how the game works guys its not broken lol go cry more plus Reckoning only stacks 4times with your basic its 5 swings he got that wrong. everything is working intentionally. I bet this rogue got stomped by a pally with reckoning because that talent is anti rogue mode cuz your critting for like 200 tops against a pally in full plate and he turns around and smashes your face in. Not bugged procs are supposed to stack on each other and if your lucky enouph to get Ironfoe go around and have a good time with your 20+wep swings on people there’s a reason its like 1% drop chance on the last boss in the largest dungeon