BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

I’m aware of it and it’s really just…not that big a deal, in the grand scheme of things. Sure, it matters to ret paladins, but it won’t come up in the vast majority of fights.

Say you reckbomb someone for five attacks, and through sheer luck you get five SoC procs. That’s ten chances at a proc. At a 2% proc rate, the odds of zero procs would be (0.98^10) or 81%.

So in the perfect situation, with the perfect setup, and the perfect RNG, you still only have a 19% chance to get a HoJ proc.

(Though I’m still not convinced that SoR procs things that proc on melee hit, I haven’t seen convincing evidence of it and it always sounded like a private server bug to me.)

That’s not how probability works, and given the swing timers involved, the odds are actually worse than 2% per global over infinite time.

edit: Sorry, I was editing the part above when I realized I put a 5 instead of a 10 and left this by accident. Anyway, yes, 5 swings gives a 9.6% proc chance, but you’re not going to have five swings every fight and, in 90% of fights, you’re not going to see the HoJ proc even off your reckbomb.

Again: Obviously, a bad thing. Obviously, an exploit that should be fixed. But the sky simply is not falling.

His video actually displayed quite the opposite of that.

His “video” is an edited highlight reel. That’s like trying to bring up Unbreakable’s PVP video to claim that Windfury has a 200% proc rate.


Nobody wanted spell batching.


It works for all extra attacks. Sword spec warriors. Sword spec rogues. Windfury Shaman. Windfury totems on warriors and rogues. Thrash blade. Flurry axe. Ironfoe. When you stack these items you can get some serious uptime on procs.

Dont forget all of those extra attacks are instant in the same spell batch. Abusing a start/stop attack macro makes it worse because those things all get an extra proc aswell.

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Except half the people retorting in threads complaining about Spell Batching…

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And if you spend too much time hammering on your macro, you’ll lose white swings and lose DPS overall because you were trying to fish for an exploit.

Even if it worked perfectly every single time and had no drawbacks and always gave you an extra attack…the sky would still not be falling. Ask for it to be fixed without all the hyperbolic insanity, and you’re going to get a much better result.

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Spell batching is not a problem, Modern wow uses Spell batching.

It’s how Blizzard has implemented it in Classic 2019 that’s the problem.

If you played Vanilla, TBC or Wrath you were using the same old “Batching system” that was in place till Cata changed it (slightly)

Thing is in all those years it was never an issue.

Fast forward to Classic 2019 and things don’t work right; is that Batching? No, it’s the implementation of batching that’s the problem.

Really? I have had 5 extra attacks in the same global from thrash blade/windfury totem/hoj/sword spec. I pushed Bloodthirst. Hoj might have a 2% proc chance over a raid boss - but it feels like 20% most of the time in 5 mans and pvp. Stacking extra attack things only adds to its proc chance.


I’m sorry, when your argument is “my personal experience, especially one that happened just one time and I totally remember accurately, is more valuable and important than the mathematical facts of the situation”, I stop caring about anything you say.

You could always proc extra swings off extra swings. Works with sword spec etc.

Honestly I’m cool with this, ret bring viable is pretty awesome


Definitely an exploit.

That actually got nerfed in 1.11 or 1.10, cant remember but it’s not in Classic; well at least it’s not suppose to be.

Ret was already viable in PVP, it always has been viable.

The problem like druid’s is the player, not the class.

Retribution paladin’s are insanely strong in 1v1, and in group PVP because of repentance, cleanse, freedom, protection, sacrifice and Hammer of Justice. (assuming the group is organized and not crap).

Underestimating a Paladin in PVP is potentially one of the biggest mistakes you can make, they can be insanely dangerous; just requires a player who understands their class mechanics properly.

If the player is crap, then “ret” is crap… If the player is godly, then “ret” is godly… Like “Druid” Ret can be just silly powerful, so please don’t assume they’re bad or need help, because they don’t.


It wasn’t removed at any point in Vanilla. They removed it in 2.1 when they fixed the shaman “windfury on both hands” bug, I believe.

Most things, at one point or another, lost the ability to reproc themselves (and Windfury never could, despite rumors to the contrary), but for all of Vanilla they could proc each other.

I tried the macro myself on my warrior and you don’t lose any attacks at all. It is very easy to spam as you are using your normal abilities. It is completely broken because, with sword specialization and/or windfury totem, a warrior an attack 6, 7, 8 or more times with one melee swing - imagine one swing doing 5k damage.
Broken AF.

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That seems extremely unlikely and I would need to see some proof if you want me to believe that you can attack that many times and that you can constantly start and stop your swing timer without ever clipping an attack.

Not what’s happening here, it’s forcing an extra extra attack on EVERY proc

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T?he issue at hand isnt the extra attacks/proc rates on those attacks/chain procs - all of that is how it was in Vanilla.


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