BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

This doesn’t work. It did briefly, but got hotfixed. Blessing of sacrifice can no longer trigger teckoning like that.

They can only /sit /stand exploit themselves to get reckoning charges.

I do believe there is evidence of these kinds of macros working in vanilla, but it is still an exploit considering that blizz specifically tried to prevent /sit from triggering reckoning charges.

I suppose they could fix it without messing with spell batching by removing the guaranteed crit on sitting targets. Can’t macro workaround that change.

I’m not sure how they can fix the HoJ macro exploit. That one is a messy mechanic.

When was this hotfixed? I have not seen any info listing a change, only people saying it was hotfixed. Im not saying it hasnt been, but i like to read about these things.

You are the first paladin that has actually used the words ‘exploit’ to describe this action.

Thats one way to permantly fix the issue. No more ‘fake crits’ 100% of the time.

Its not just the hoj causing issues - its extra attacks in general. Make stopping your auto attack cause a gcd would pretty much negate people using it. It would still allow paladins to rek bomb via stacking thus not impacting the lolmemeretpvp, but it wont be viable to game it for procs in combat. It would also impact warrior/shaman/rogue also gaming it for additional procs.

It stopped working within a week or two of it being discovered. I don’t think it was a documented hotfix though.

It’s splitting hairs over what to call it. The ability to get stacks from a /sit macro is clearly unintended, based on the fact it was patched out. The fact spell batching still allows it if done really fast is pretty clearly doing something that isn’t intended. Exploit/workaround are pretty synonymous here.

There may be technical limitations that prevent it from being fully fixed without a larger change (like stopping guaranteed crits on /sit).

I know that. Easier to just call it the HoJ exploit because that’s how it was made popular.

If blizz can fix it, they absolutely should. If not, well, I guess that a flurry axe + HoJ spelladin build could become quite nice for pve dps.

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Ironfoe + HoJ.

Thrash Blade cross Sword Spec Arms cross Flurry Axe cross Axe Spec Arms buffed with Windfury Totem and a HoJ. No bloodthirst. No mortal strike. No enrage. No flurry. Deathwish for the execute phase. We can call it - the procs build.

Here is the white damage min/max meta build for a warrior!!!

Paladin would likely go with flurry axe due to the higher speed and proc rate.

The macro bumping up the extra attacks by 1 makes it relatively larger for flurry axe, which will also be getting almost twice as many triggers due to the higher proc rate.

The higher speed also lets paladin get way more seal of righteousness hits, which can also trigger the extra hits, and all scale with a flat 10% of spell damage, so more hits = better.

Then weapon oils and dragonbreath chili also scale with spell power on a fixed proc rate, so for pallys at least, I imagine flurry axe would win out.

Well said. Flurry axe + HoJ it is.

You realize the HoJ exploit isn’t paladin or PvP specific?

I can do it on my Horde Rogue and suddenly be WFing stun locked people.

Or on my Ally Warrior and nuke a boss in seconds.

This is a glitch and should be patched. The Waahhhh Horde meanies Ally the b3st! Or Ally sissies and Horde 4lyf is the most persistently childish response. Especially in regard to actual bugs.

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Have you also posted in the bug forum?

The cesspool of people crying about AvH isn’t prevalent there and it may be addressed.

do your research buddy…

its been around since vanila…its NOT a bug OR an exploit…its “cleaver use of game mechanics”

Srsly …research before you babble a bunch of nonsense…

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Get this fixed! Alliance cheaters will do anything to try and beat the horde at PvP!!

Would this work with a shaman and windfury as well? Say stacking windfury, HoJ, Ironfoe or Flurry axe And using this macro? Because I imagine that could delete a lot of people too…


the thing is the op acts like its something new he discovered…lol.

i was in vanilla,it was on private servers,it was in the classic wow demo and its on classic wow.

its not a shocker.

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Positive bugs are nerfed immediately. It’s only the negative ones that linger for expansions on end. Heck Mages regularly blinked thru terrain and fell to their deaths for FOUR YEARS back in REAL vanilla.

yeah thats how many describe undead rogue

nothing to see here move along

Abusing a /Startattack /Stopattack macro to get three attacks on a HOJ proc was in vanilla?


It’s possible that it was. I highly doubt that anyone figured it out if it did work that way (or if someone did, they didn’t make it widely known)

Imagine finally getting rekt instead of fighting 50vs1 then complaining on forums

Imagine abusing a cheat (ahem macro) to get an edge.

I play Ally on Incendius, and it isn’t too bad over all.

I main Horde on Heartseeker, which is around a 15% minority. Its PvP, get over it.

On the topic of bugs, if Blizzard deems this as one it should be fixed. This thread isn’t for AvH complaining, it’s for people to rebuff if it is indeed a bug or confirm if it is and discuss ramifications.

But cry more if you’d like, its funny.

How can ANYONE think that the hand of justice macro exploit to get an extra attack isn’t a bug?

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