BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

Are you really defending exploiting here?

This needs to be fixed. It’s broken and certainly game breaking.


Hey now! In Blizzard’s defense they did say they may not even be able to fix it at all.

It may sound over dramatic but it isn’t. With warriors critting over 1k with the right gear, that is an extra 1k damage in PvP for free. That can easily swing a fight. I have less than 4K hp, so a warrior abusing this cheat code (aka “macro”) can do 25% of my health, effectively giving me 25% less hp in PvP.

Blizzard patched shamans back in vanilla so that windfury can’t proc on itself, and with this macro it not only brings pre patch windfury back, but it gives it to all melee 2handers.

How is this not game breaking?


Btw, when Blizz patched reckbombs in vanilla they fixed it so you could only stack to 4 instead of unlimited… you could still stack them in 1.12 by turning off your auto attack and then unleashing 5 attacks at once…

Really what it sounds like

Massive imbalance in population leading to people being completely unable to play? “pVp hApPeNed oN a pVp sErVeR”

Bug makes it so paladins can 1v1 ppl? “OMG BLIZZ FIX NOW!”

Comical to watch


Assuming you two are the same person, care to elaborate? Because #nochanges can go both ways with this post, and right now it seems you don’t see that.

You all want spell batching for your “Authentic Experience” … then this is what you get for wanting spell batching… “worts and all” how do you know this wasnt a bug in Vanilla that was never discovered? 15 years of research on private servers?

Everyone wants no changes except when it doesnt go their way…

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So, according to you, because there is server imbalance, the way to go about correcting it is to allow an item exploit so that Paladins can do more damage?


Im saying its comical that one is laughed at but some how this is important

Its small potatoes compared to other problems

A warrior getting 1k extra damage on me in a fight when he wasn’t supposed to is not a big problem? That is 30% of my HP gone.


Not really. Id rather they focused on fixing the honor system than this minor thing

It should be allowed until they fix game breaking bugs to classes like Druid/hunters.

Wheres the class fixes we need first???

Can rogues use this bug as well?

HAHAHAH brb making a pally


Man, as someone who has one this is sad.

Spirit of vanilla is more important, some things that wasn’t used, or known about can change the current state of the game. Vanilla wasn’t completely polished when it was released, so obviously there’s some unintended stuff they’ve ironed out of the years. As well as this, stuff like this actually didn’t exist in vanilla, and is from our version of vanilla being used by the new client.

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I feel like you should stop saying paladin, this is a bug with extra attacks in general, you can do this windfury as well I’m willing to bet.


That we know of. Private servers have been around long enough that they hay have discorvered it and as many Private servers did patched and fixed it. But thats not to say it wasnt there

Either way its fine. Ppl can go to PvE servers if they dont like it

are you just now learning about reck bombs?

this has been known about for 15 years, lol.

you can literally watch esfand do these every single stream. and if you do watch it, youll notice he has his auto-atk key binded on 1 and he just spams it


People really have to stop referencing streamers as if everyone watches that horsecrap.


It never worked like that in vanilla - hoj only every gave 1 extra hit.

Everything else about stacking rek by abusing sit/stand.

Is this considered exploiting an ingame bug?

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