BROKEN - Hand of justice gives Paladins windfury

How can I go back to something I was never involved in the first place? Haven’t touched retail since 2010.

A quick update to all that participated in this thread.


Lol Theloras…

yes friend?

Many thanks to you and others involved for your extended research into this behaviour regarding rek/stacks/hits. Blue clarification on what is intended is what i asked for.

Actually fixed to not work because it was not on the reference client.

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Well they went in the opposite direction with this “fix”. Now when reckoning procs, it cancels out my swing, and i get nothing. My auto attack basically doesn’t work now when I am getting crit.

their “fix” wasn’t complete given the fact that there are still bugs nor did they address them:

So what causes this it the fact that HOJ and paladins reckoning are the same thing but just caused by different triggers. When they proc they reset the swing timer. HOJ on hit causing the second hit by resetting the swing timer and Reckoning being triggered by being crit causing the swing timer to reset giving you an auto attack as soon as you’re crit (which BTW isn’t what the description of the talent says it does, it doesn’t say it resets swing timer it says it gives you an additional auto attack on your next auto attack) and if your out of range or unlocked it stacks up to 4 time for a total of 5 hits which they also changed for some reason. That being said when unlocked they add an attack to the next swing which is how reckoning is suppose to work (like just stated) but not HOJ because when you unlock on the swing that procs HOJ then re-target it gives you you the first swing that was the proc and a stacked HOJ proc on the next auto attack because like i said they work in the same exact way with different triggers. This macro has been a known fix to make Reckoning work as intended but we recently discovered it works with HOJ due to us having HOJ equipped and using the macro to fix reckoning. So either blizzard needs to revert it back to the way it was before patch 1.13.3 so we can use reckoning again cause they absolutely broke it and fix HOJ. (Reckoning doesn’t work for paladins at all now due to the changes that occurred to it when they “fixed” HOJ which is more proof that they are the same thing with different triggers.) Or they need to just fix both of them and make them work as intended instead of this knee jerk reaction they had that Fixed HOJ for a few exploiters and destroyed every reckoning paladins talent and caused us all 50+ gold cause of respecs. Id prefer to have a fixed HOJ and a Fixed Reckoning but i don’t know if they will take the time to rewrite the code to make it work again.

god damn wall of text, who read this crap?

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Except this isn’t what we asked for in the first place. “You think you want it” but this isn’t even IT. What they gave us is a botched and hacked up LEGION CLIENT and nobody ever asked for that. It’s NOT the original game client! Spells, abilities and pet commands using the original game client 1.12 were INSTANTANEOUS with NO DELAY or SPELL BATCHING or ARTIFICIAL LAG; all of which were designed to compensate for DIAL-UP users. Anyone here still using dial-up?

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For the hundredth time, fix spell batching or just remove it. Causes so many issues with the game it’s not worth the benefit imo.

I’ve hit players while gouged or stunned, I’ve hit mages while they are in ice block, I’ve earth shocked spells last second before cast is done only to have them go through any ways, I’ve dropped grounding totem just before a spell is finished casting and it fails to eat the spell etc etc etc etc…lots of un-vanilla like BS.

I’m in the habit of interrupting spells nearly last second so I don’t get fake-casted, but that long ingrained habit is failing me now with spell batching, I have to re-learn my timing to interrupt mid cast instead. Spell batching has thrown off the timing of the entire game with it’s artificial lag.

Anyone see the video of the (alliance) druid racing ahead of a (horde) druid FC in wsg, (alliance druid) grabs flag and starts to run away but then the flag caps any ways despite the (alliance) druid being half way to the GY door already because spell batching capped the flag. In my time in vanilla, and later time on a private server I never saw such broken mechanics.