BROKEN - Hand of justice gives Paladins windfury

Through the use of one simple macro, the hand of justice gives infinite attacks to warriors and Paladins. Game breaking and makes me want to unsubscribe immediately tbh. Please patch this ASAP.


haha this is awesome


I mean I get it is funny but it is also a serious issue. Not going to be fair being one shot by plate wearing Paladins in battlegrounds.

this is allowed and was in vanilla ret pallys suck other then this meme.

ill take 2hd windfury any day.

It still allows all 2h classes to get three attacks in one swing like windfury

So a warrior gets three total attacks with HOJ, same as an enhancement shaman. Unfortunately once again rogues get left out because we are dual wielders.

i know i have it sword spec rogues can get 3 attacks maybe 4 with thrash blade.

its called hand of justice and yep i have it for when i go back to 2hd enhance.

You did not get the point of the video. It wasn’t demonstrating that hand of justice gives you an extra attack. Or that it can proc off sword spec. We all know that.

Rather, the video demonstrates that, with the use of the macro, it will give you TWO extra attacks, not just one, every time. Which is broken, and not how it is designed.

Watch the video again please since you clearly did not get it.


blizzard would have to remove spell batching in order for you to have your way though - this functionality is simply using that and by definition is not a bug but…
"creative use of game mechanics"

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It is a bug and an exploit bro. It is manipulating spell batching to get extra attacks in that was not intended. HOJ gives 1 extra attack but with this exploit you get 2 or more.


Sounds like PvP happened

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Seal Twisting says Hold my Beer

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Sounds like a bug.

Oh well. They warned us about this. I think they said it during the same speech of “you think you do but you dont”

Something along the line of all those vanilla bugs you remember are still there

So if horde can outnumber alliance so much as they get laughed at for it, then im fine with this existing. Just PvP


But this appears to be a new but with the introduction of classic that was not in vanilla.

Oh well i suppose. Hopefully it remains

:cry: :sob:

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If this was in vanilla then it is WORKING AS INTENDED. Blizzard should compare it to their reference server.

In the meantime Paladins should be able to enjoy having decent dps for a change.



How very sensational.

How about the fact that warriors can do it too and get three attacks on you for the price of one?

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