Bring your CE guild to Turalyon! <3

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Turalyon is an amazingly tight knit community of guilds dedicated to growing the realm as a whole. You won’t find a server with stronger identity. We make it a point to excel not just as our individual guilds, but also to make all the guilds of the realm stronger. Those of us who did finish early boosted our realm rank, but we don’t really have enough overall mythic guilds to sustain that momentum while the larger realms knock us back down the remaining portion of the tier despite having highly competitive guilds. This is where you come in!


  • Trickle down effect from guilds like Occasional Excellence, Synthesis, Daybreak, Massacre Scene & Astral into other mythic guilds that are pushing but not nearly as hard. Often raiders come wanting to raid with those guilds but space is generally limited in our rosters and we’d love for them to have other options. Same goes with returning raiders within those guilds. More options means a better talent pool in relation to overall size in one small realm. Need help recruiting one or two people? Just ask those of us in the realm discord. We’ll help! Your guild’s success is our success as a realm.

To better clarify trickle down, say someone applies to my guild, Synthesis, and we don’t have space. We can check and see if anyone else needs this particular class with similar progression, times/days and then recommend that person to that guild if the guild does need them.

  • We have Horde AND Alliance. We’d like to avoid leaning heavily to one faction or another. Have alts on either faction? Not a problem. It’s really easy to get them into a guild even if you’re joining to play casually. Our realm discord allows both factions to boost and support each other as well as chatter in a way we wouldn’t have in prior expansions to make our realm closer than ever.

  • Excellent opportunities: (if you’re in the realm discord) Turalyon guilds host a myriad of functions to help players of all guilds come together and succeed. Don’t bother trying to pug a heroic - join a run that you know is going to succeed. If you’re in a heroic guild and looking to dip your toes into mythic, there are plenty of guilds that would love to use you as a fill in or even an addition to their roster. This also gives you a great avenue into developing your alts!

  • Great niche realm for weekend raiding on both factions. We have several very successful Heroic and Mythic weekend guilds at a variety of levels, so we’re a very go to realm if you fall into that niche category. We often end up with alts of high end raiders on our rosters helping as well. It’s wonderful!


  • We are (as of this post) top 20 for US realms despite our low population, meaning we have some major talent in our player pool despite our size.

  • We run the recruitment & community discord for ALL realms, helping the entire WoW community as a whole while maintaining our focus on our realms guilds and players more specifically.

  • We host weekly runs on our realm discord (what we do varies by tier of course) for everyone to participate in. Mount runs, achievement runs and normal/heroic/mythic raid pugs. We do try and focus on mostly Turalyon people for the groups, but will fill with others as needed.

  • WE DO NOT POACH ON REALM. To keep a strong community, we need to help each other on realm not break each other down. Raiders may come and go as their intentions/aspirations change, but we’ll always help guilds fill gaps with new raiders.

Our recruitment & community discord (with our Turalyon realm category) is here:

Go to #get_roles and type !turalyon for access to our home. :smiley:

{A}<Transcend>TEP 6/8 H, M 6/9 BOD, T, W, Th 9-11pm EST LF a Main tank and a Boomkin, and hunter for trial
Are you Alliance? Need help recruiting?
Looking to server transfer

There’s one big important thing about Turalyon that it’s got going for it, and it’s Sieara does this role here as a sort of community recruiter. Server went from dead to thriving with her help. If your guild is having recruitment issues, I highly recommend injecting some life into it by relocating here.


Left years ago. Sieara convinced me to come back. No regrets!


You won’t regret moving here! The work Sieara does for this realm is incredible and will make your move so much easier! Highly recommend it!


Whatever kind of raid environment you’re looking for, Turalyon has it. Plenty of guilds with committed players, a great server to be on.


Wonderful realm with an even more wonderful community working to make it even better. There is a home for everyone here regardless of the content you wish to pursue. Can’t wait to see you all on here!

(Sìeara) #8

And Panda! He’s been such a huge help lately. I wouldn’t be able to survive this tier without him lol.


It seriously is a great realm! Activity is still quite high despite issues people seem to be having with the expansion. Sieara has done a phenominal job to make Turalyon feel like a BC/Wrath community. It’s a great home and we’d love to have more raiders here!

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it’s best realm so far, Sieara and Panda are the best help so far. they made this realm awesome. So join us, you will have more fun here in turaylon, than other realms.


Really is a place of mutual raid cooperation. During the holidays we were able to pug missing players in mythic and get down progression bosses. You likely haven’t been somewhere that had so much networked support.


We are moving our second guild on Feb 1st. and we are in some need of help getting new members for new raids and events that we do as a group. We are currently moving from Kel’thuzed, but haven’t made a decision on where to move it too. From the post , ya’ll sound great, but i still need to know more about the server, before i make this move with my guild…

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You’re welcome to hit Panda and I up for some assistance! = ) Sieara#6473 is my discord tag. His is Pandatoons#7304. Are you Alliance? I’d love to have more Alliance. :slight_smile:


Yes we are alliance… We have been a guild for almost 7 years. Our main guild is on Whisperwind server. But my officers had to move , so i was making them comfortable with re- starting up the guild so they could stay in the family and still raid with us… even if they were on a different server… We are semi- casual, but are social and love to have fun in the game. my Battle tag Is MamaWolf#1535


I just moved here myself not but a week ago shotgun, so far it’s been a really great community and I’m enjoying myself. Siera has been a great help in getting accustomed to a new server and a new community!


So is it an equal server… Half alliance and Half horde? Is the server always full or high when you want to log into it?

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We’re still growing the Alliance back to the glory days. It isn’t back to half and half. Horde still outnumbers Alliance but our Alliance half is growing currently thanks to the people there working on it. That is our realm.


When you come to Turalyon you’ll quickly see that your community doesn’t end with your guild or group of friends, the whole server comes together to help each other. And we have cookies.


Hey there! I run a semi casual heroic guild and may be able to help you with recruitment/possible other ventures. Sikoru#1340 is my btag and discord tag. Would love to chat with you and help in anyway possible!


I used to raid on Turalyon and I miss it. its a really well balanced server imo, solid friendly and active player base :smiley:


At first I was worried about moving here because the realm was small but there is such a tight knit community between a lot of guilds it’s kindof insane tbh and really cozy