Are you Alliance? Need help recruiting?

My realm needs more Alliance guilds (Cutting Edge focused). I already maintain a spreadsheet of several rosters, the recruiting discord with 7,900 people and the realm discord for Turalyon (with help from other Turalyon folks as well).

I will help CE or near CE capable Alliance guilds who transfer to the realm get players. I just work with your recruiters as a headhunter. You keep me updated on needs and I maintain the rosters as well as contact everyone, in-game mail, etc to ensure that you’re getting applications to look through. I do interviews for some guilds when they don’t have time or just straight up recruit players for them depending on the guild (like Synthesis, Impetus and Legend I just throw people into for example).

You can check out my mega thread here:

And we also have this thread here:

You can check out the realm discord as well. :slight_smile: It is and you can type !turalyon once the timer expires.

The roster spreadsheet I maintain for the guilds I watch over (we have realm recruiters so a few of us do this) so you can see what we track. The Heroic/Mythic logs are there but hidden.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me @ Sieara#1968 (btag) or Sieara#6473 (discord, easiest way to find me).


Sieara rocks and you won’t be disappointed! Community here is excellent! Highly recommend it. :blush:


I should have posted on my cute Alliance hunter.

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<3 Alliance. Look, I even put a heart.

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Our Alliance guilds need love!

Many loves.

Come to Turalyon. I’m off to class.

Alliance is cute and cuddly and we destroy horde.

Still recruiting. Will also take a small group in.

Are you on Turalyon?

<3 our Alliance. WTB more CE alliance guilds.

Come kill me Alliance!

Alliance should all come here and be cool.

Come to Turalyon friends!

Need more Alliance CE guilds.

Astral should have a kill soon. GL Astral!

We missed killing the dragon.

I watched a bad movie with my kid last night.