maybe you should stop assuming things that have a 1 in 1 billion chance of happening will happen

You should still try it, even if the rewards seem bad(warriors was bad ngl), no reason to lock yourself out from obtaining them, just to have em. for which ever purpose.

I didn’t assume anything. CM was the only thing i missed out on in MoP when i took my break so i didn’t get a chance to get a single one. Would have been a second chance at a game mode i missed out on. I dont really care for the mog life.

Well the blue post “clarification” is making it sound like we dont get challenge modes whatosever. Thats the only thing i missed out on. If it is available with reskins, then ill do it. I dont care about “original” coloring. I just wanna try out the challenge modes is all

i walk around valdrakken alot, it is very lovely this time of year.

Boy this is ironic coming from you considering how often you claim to have things and have 0 evidence of it


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blizzard has already stated their stance on it, that the cm sets aren’t going to be returning for mop:remix - they said this in a blue post.

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I do have it lol

blizz will never budge on some things, and this is one of them.

All I needed. To see. My day is made

I mean that is the exact same thing I’d ask for is a proper recolor of a locked set, like how the datamined Legion elite sets were and I’ll say it the Legion stuff is more of a redesign than a recolor.
Honestly would love to see that warrior set in some purple scheme, or Red.
while uniquity is there for the Og set they still should bring back a method of obtaining alternative versions worth grabbing.

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ok, i would suppose then.

Yeah that guy’s a :clown_face:

Forum battletags when?

Idk what to tell you lmao. I dont have the earner on my account anymore, its on my dads, i have the rogue set lol.

ok sure i guess

Ok…? .h ttps://

It is what it is. I got the Shaman set out of SoO while progging AoTC. I didnt know how sought after it was/would be at the time though and retired that shaman a long time ago when i swapped servers

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Love the indirect trying to call me out for being a liar lol. Not sure what you want me to say, half my characters are hidden on Blizzards site and 3rd party sites.

anything would be fine

Or i have 2 accounts on the same bnet so i can double que shuffle…?

caught red handed