nothing in the definition says that because thats not the defintion lol whatre u even saying rn

They’re not recolors.

what? you do know farming the t3 the new way costs way more than the old way (BMAH) still not comparable, was never removed from the game.

Nothing in the rules says a dog cannot play basketball.

i love airbud

I can tell.

its still the only way to get the CM recolors so idk what to tell you

Don’t bother with that one. He’s decided that’s his trolling subject for the day and he’s going to work it into the ground. There aren’t a lot of neurons firing up there so when he manages to get a spark he won’t let it go.


Trust me, everyone who wants the CM sets back only want them because they are rare.

If the CM sets came back, no one would ever use them

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yep. they are considered ugly for 2024

I want the paladin set because I enjoy how it looks. So, your point is incorrect. The aesthetic appeal of something is very much a subjective point.


They must have gotten tired of having their mogs roasted in chat on Stormrage.


well blizzard has stated in their blue post that challenge mode sets wont be available in mop:remix

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Have you walked around Valdrakken at all? You think people care about their sets being rare LOL. 9/10 people i see are wearing hideous mogs

I want them back but I already have the DK set so I would get nothing out of their return

So, that was easily proven wrong

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As someone who has the shaman set (thats who my main was at the time.) they should make them available.

I love the shaman set

i get nothing but praise most of the time

Well…that just killed any enthusiasm or reason i had to try Remix

I’d still be using the CM set if it didn’t clash horribly with Shadow’s visual design like the majority of old priest sets do. And apparently the visual effect for the CM set doesn’t even work properly for Shadow anymore anyway so :dracthyr_shrug:

I care. I love getting whispers asking me about my rare cmg shamn set with cmg shield and axe. Throw a pvp tabard there and legend of pandaria title. Sometimes i mog legendary cloak too. Yeah i loved mop.