yeah, got me, wow.

sorry, pardon my error

Explain how i just swapped characters? Why would I fake this lol

that is how the forums work i would imagine, right?

LMAO… right.


i would suppose that this would not be correct, in my opinion.

Ive seen denial before…but ive never seen this level of denial lol

I can literally hop on the account my monk is on (attached to the same bnet) and show you the set as well, why am i trying to convince you LOLOL

It’s typical troll tactics. Double down on being wrong.

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in my opinion, that would not be correct.

thank you, though.

i typed in that url, it says ERROR 404 not found.

h ttps:// ???

there are so many characters named Rmplol

ht tps://

the same account allthe rest of my characters are on, and Sargeras.

is the character atleast level 10? if not, wont show on the armory

No, hes level 1. Only other rogue i have Is Easy on norgannon, special characters. My main rogue is on a seperate account same bnet.

they must have payed you some nice gold

Bulak does this all the time. It’s no wonder he and Titanspite are buddies.


Wait for classic then

ok sure i would suppose.