Brazilians do not speak spanish

classic.wowhead. com/news=295064/classic-wow-latin-america-pvp-realm-planned

This is not a good idea for us brazilian players. We are the only country in the whole south america that speaks portuguese, and we don’t understand spanish at all. I can assure you that the vast majority of brazilians know how to speak or type in english way more than spanish. So please, if you want to give a server to the latin america community (wich is great), make a separate one only for Brazil.

Me and MANY friends of mine aren’t going to move to there, we don’t speak spanish and we would not like to play with spanish-only speakers. In retail we have brazilian realms, why can’t we have those here? I do not understand… stop underestimating classic’s potential, haven’t you learned already that this game is HUGE? Please, make a brazilian server.

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Fake news. I know a Mexican who says he can read Portuguese fine and I know latin americans who converse in their respective languages (Spanish or Portuguese) with no problems. They call this sort of interaction “Portanol.”


Yeah, you know more than me… sure


I’ve seen them do it. I’ve seen guys from Brazil talk in Portuguese to guys from Venezuela/Mexico who were speaking Spanish.


I’ve seen Americans speaking all kinds of languages, they had to learn how to do that. Same as how Brazilians had to learn how to speak English, or Spanish, or French, or Chinese, or whatever extra language they chose to learn.

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These Brazilians did not know Spanish. They explained to me that they understand it because it’s so similar. And vice versa. Like I said they even had a name for it when one person is speaking Portuguese and the other Spanish.

They were colleagues of mine who I knew well.


That’s right. We brazilians speak portuguese, not spanish.
These two languages aren’t the same.
Lots of brazilians understand english better than spanish.

It’s not a good idea to throw all latin america players in the same realm.

Do it just like you did with retail: BR realms and LA realms. Not BR and LA together.

Thank you!


Dude, brazilian portuguese is not “so similar” to spanish rofl. NOT AT ALL


Italian and Spanish are similar, Portuguese is very different from both of them. It’s basically as similar to Spanish as French is to Spanish. There are some words that are similar but most of the language is very different. Your friends were speaking the Brazilian version of Spanglish.



This will be a PvP realm that characters can transfer to for free from any other PvP realm in the region for a limited time. Of course, you will only want to make that move if you prefer to speak Spanish or Portuguese.

It seems Spanish isn’t a requirement. It’s for both.

Wouldn’t the pings be better?


This is for the people that disagree with the OP.

Just because you have seen someone from Brazil speaking english/spanish or some latin american guy speak portuguese it doesn’t mean it is a rule in our region.

The fact that you guys think that every latin american understand Brazilian Portuguese with no problems, and the same applies to Brazilian regarding the Spanish speaking community, is utterly outrageous, and it says a lot about how much you ignore about our terms.

If you don’t live in this region or if you don’t have extend experience with this matter, you should not speak about it. This is about a measure taken regarding OUR community, and no one better than us to discuss the rules about what will affect OUR gameplay.


_"For example, Spanish and Catalan are said to have 85 percent lexical similarity, while Spanish and Portuguese score 89 percent.

_When the Spanish and French languages are compared in this way, they are said to have lexical similarity of 75 percent."

blog. lingoda.c om/en/similarities-spanish-french

There is 11% lexical difference between Spanish and Portuguese
There is 25% lexical difference between Spanish and French


Thanks blizzard. This is a testament that you clearly don’t have a clue how Latin American and Brazil communicates.

Retail has 2 tabs (latin and Brazil). Is that hard to make that the same for classic?

This is really dissapointing.


I don’t see the big deal. You’re not being forced to leave NA realms. You can continue to play where you’re at.


I work in a US company that has an office here in Brazil and also in Argentina and Chile. Whenever i need to talk with someone from one of these countries we ALWAYS prefer to talk in english, like, ALWAYS.


Google the wikipedia article “Comparison of Poruguese and Spanish”, it has links to valid references if you doubt the write up.

_Portuguese and Spanish, although closely related sister languages, differ in many details of their phonology, grammar and lexicon. Both are part of a broader language family known as West Iberian Romance, which also includes several other languages or dialects with fewer speakers, all of which are mutually intelligible to some degree. A 1949 study by Italian-American linguist Mario Pei, analyzing the degree of difference from a language’s parent (Latin, in the case of Romance languages) by comparing phonology, inflection, syntax, vocabulary, and intonation, indicated the following percentages (the higher the percentage, the greater the distance from Latin):[1] In the case of Spanish it was 20%, the third closest Romance language to Latin, only behind Sardinian (8% distance) and Italian (12% distance). Portuguese was 31%, making it the second furthest language from Latin after French (44% distance).

The most obvious differences are in pronunciation. Mutual intelligibility is greater for the written languages than for their spoken forms. Compare, for example, the following sentences:

Al buen entendedor pocas palabras bastan (Spanish: [al ˈβ̞we̞n e̞nte̞nde̞ˈð̞o̞r ˈpo̞kas paˈlaβ̞ɾaz ˈβ̞astan])
Ao bom entendedor poucas palavras bastam (European Portuguese: [ɜw ˈβõ̞(ɰ̃) ẽ̞tẽ̞dʊ̜̆ˈðoɾ ˈpo(w)kə̻̆ɕ pə̆ˈlavɾə̆ʑ ˈβaɕtə̃w], Brazilian Portuguese: [ɐw ˈbõ̞(w̃) ĩtẽ̞de̞ˈdox ˈpo(w)kə̻̆s pɐˈlavɾə̆z ˈbaɕtə̃w])

—roughly equivalent to the English proverb “A word to the wise is sufficient,” or, a more literal translation, “To a good listener, a few words are enough.”

There are also some significant differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese as there are between British and American English or Peninsular and Latin American Spanish. This article notes these differences below only where:

both Brazilian and European Portuguese differ not only from each other, but from Spanish as well;
both Peninsular (i.e. European) and Latin American Spanish differ not only from each other, but also from Portuguese; or
either Brazilian or European Portuguese differs from Spanish with syntax not possible in Spanish (while the other dialect does not)._

Brazilian here

I don’t speak Spanish either

Blizzard’s idea is terrible

They will kill Thalnos to create a “stillbirth” realm


They aren’t killing thalnos…it will still be there.

You don’t know shiet

The vast majority don’t know Spanish

The words are similar but grammar is totally different

Your argument is like:



Thalnos is going to be a low pop dead realm.

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