Boy this sure is fun


welcome to a pvp server.


The Horde are diminishing the number of max level opponents who will be able to queue up for bgs.

Queue times will be interesting…


None of this sounds appealing to me. Replaying a game over and over again is not enjoyable after so many times.
I’d like to play the character I have, not delete it and start over.


Here’s another one for you

PVP on a PVP server requires opposition.


Ok, so here’s an idea. Find another server that’s horde dominated, and roll a horde alt there. It’ll be easy to level the alt since it’s part of the majority faction, and (here’s the best part), you can help stamp out any remaining alliance stragglers.

Now the easy mode horde will begin to get bored and stop playing on that server, and the server dies.

Mission accomplished, you have helped destroy a horde dominated server. Now find a new horde dominated server, rinse and repeat.

(Kodash) #111

Its not a-hole. I go into STV Zul Kunda for example and clear it of horde for zero honor and nessingwarys for substantial amounts of time so that horde progression halts and alliance questing can happen. It’s long game tactics of war. The more alliance that reach level cap and get geared the harder it is to for horde to roll over alliance. Plus it’s less likely that I have to fight with players that have no idea whats going on and have the gear to match that lack of knowledge, which in and of itself ruins my game time.

Thats why I give away gear when when i have it when i run across particularly poorly geared players.

Its like arming civilians and teaching them to fight, while stopping reinforcements for your enemy. I dont farm no honor target for zero kills for no reason.


You are incredibly ignorant if you think those are my solutions and have let everything sail completely over your head.

Speaking of strawmen… lol. Good day. Enjoy your misery instead of doing something about it. Besides crying on the forums for a blizzard solution that history has shown us: Blizz does not have. Good luck.


Is it better or worse than getting camped constantly?

Also, it isn’t the same experience if you simply change race/class. Instead of a Night Elf Hunter, do a Gnome Warlock. The whole experience leveling and questing is completely different. Heck, even just leveling on a different continent does wonders.


Yup, same thing with me getting murdered and honor farmed every time I try to farm Firewaters in Winterspring. And that corpse walk in WS is horrible.


Agreed, also having fun

  • log onto main, and join some optional PvP in ss/tm.
  • get bored so do some arena or dm runs with the guild not dying on the way there.
  • still see that PvP is going on so go back for a bit. Need to take a break for a bit so just unflag myself
  • it dies down, so I log onto my alt and level her up uncontested.

Good stuff.


Sideous is the only person here with an actual brain, unlike OP.


Dear lord, the trolling is completely out of control on this thread.


Better do some research then. Roll alts everywhere and dip your toe in the water so to speak.
So what really needs to happen is some leaders step up and organize these people on both sides. If they want this balance.
Yup. Cross faction collusion. For the sake of this mythical “balance”. That’s going to make every fight a fair fight and allow for safe access to the safe haven of instanced pve content.
The community can do this. This is the pinnacle of community. Make it happen captain.


That’s the worst reply I’ve ever read and you copied it from some noob in a General chat.
Obviously you have never experienced what he has


OK, but that’s long enough to get to an instance if that’s what they are trying to do (one not in BRM). Then just fight the Horde with your back to the instance, when it gets overwhelming, disband and run in.

Do mage portals work in combat? How about lock summons (obv a lot harder to set up). If mage portals work, Alliance runs in with their 40 man raid, soon as the numbers get overwhelming, just take the portal.

If Horde are camping every flight master, would it work for Alliance to land and slaughter the Horde in the immediate vicinity of the flight master long enough for him to respawn? Then, again, when things get overwhelming, you board a gryphon and fly away.

If one faction is vastly outnumbered, they are fighting a guerilla war. Hit and fade. Then hit somewhere else.

And yes, I know I’ll never do any of this since I’ll probably never level past 40 due to lack of time. Just hate the “The game is unplayable since I can’t get to BRD” attitude. There is or should be more to the game, especially on a PvP server, than BRD.


Now you get it! All this time people were mad because they couldnt go to BRD!



Uh, if I had a dime for every person who has said “The game is LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE! I got killed 15 times trying to run from Thorium Point to BRD!” I could quit my job and actually participate in WPVP.


Yep! It is exactly the authentic “vanilla” experience of people who started on PvP realms but didn’t actually want to deal with forced PvP when they didn’t want it. This post could easily have been made in 2005. Except, you know, not on a level 120 character.


Even on a 50 50 balanced server, travel will still be an issue.

It is all about participation… i will concede that brm is a bit stupid right now as that is where everyone goes to farm honor and just by default the popular faction will be more prevelant… however…

There are other areas where you can get enough players to contest… like winterspring, felwood, epl/wpl as the majorty of the dominant faction is patrolling brm.

The only change i could see in a balanced server is there would be more allies around the area or more 1v1 fights.

Just pray that your faction participates in wpvp and you didnt roll on a pvp server to pvp when you feel like it


You picked Faerlina. The streamer server. Every Twitch streamer big and small told everyone ahead of time that this would be the streamer server.

Did you roll on Faerlina so you could play with the Twitch fools? You picked your poison, man… I, and many others, stayed the hell away from the streamer server because we knew it would be a total dumpster fire.

Sorry that you chose poorly.