Boy this sure is fun


Land in Thorium Point
Start mounting up
Get killed by horde
revive 40 yards from my body
take 2 steps
get killed by horde again
revive 40 yards from my body
take 2 steps
get killed by horde again

40 minutes of this and i finally make it inside of BRD. so this is authenthic vanilla experience i’ve heard so much about.


It’s crap design but oh well.

Battlegrounds will alleviate it (some).

If they offer paid transfers Blizzard is going to rake it in, and it will destroy the servers people leave behind.

Then we can all play shadowlands.


Yes. This is PvP… the point most people miss (or are too ignorant or stupid to realise) is that with balanced realms, there is a chance for this to happen less, for both factions to be the ‘ganking’ force, and a chance for one side to fight back.

But… a lot of the #nochanges spergs and Blizz seem happy to let the game keep losing subs rapidly.

At this rate, we’ll be in Shadowlands riding our Bee mounts around in no time :smiley:



Sounds like PvP happened on a PvP server, my guy.

I recommend that you try and git gud.


Edit: This post was entirely satire and anyone who non-ironically liked it needs to grow up :heart_eyes:


Amen man. I wish. Oh do I wish that the entire alliance faction of bigglesworth would transfer to the dead server anthema. Then I’d laugh as they have nothing to do and when bgs hit they sit in 2 hour ques. Who’s the baby now? I don’t mind pvp. I love it. But I signed up for player vs PLAYER, not person vs PEOPLE. Absolute joke And blizzards laziness (spin all you want on this whole #nochanges) will be the death. No changes? Ya because server capacity’s were 25k back in vanilla (rolls eyes). Factions (especially on pvp) where so horde heavy (rolls eyes again). 50 percent of players are on pvp servers were engineers (real number imo. Every god damn player rolls on schematics and has goblin grenades).

Just an absolute “drop of the ball by blizzard”. It really shows me they had no intentions of this having any kind of actual “legs” and having it last a few years.

(Hawttie) #6

On behalf of all the horde. Let me the first to say thank you for your great sacrifice. You willingness to let horde players get a jump start on ranking is to be rewarded. When bgs get here. Your dungeon res Zerg will only be 30 minutes. Much love ranking horde.

Also no changes. We wanted this. <3. No changes people knew this would happen.


Thanks for the honor.


One other thing. The Alliance does it also, but probably not as much. On my server Alliance were in Eastern Plaugelands murder balling the horde (for some payback). Lights Hope was a bloodbath of Horde begging for mercy.

It was a total slaughter. Must have locked the horde out of there for a couple hours.

I’m sure there wasn’t a single horde that were salty about it afterwards. No way right? They just used it as practice to “get gud.”


PvE on a PvP server is a privilege not a right.

Might get that made into a bumper sticker hahaha

(Velara) #10

Just think, if you make it to the keep you can rez in there…


and this is the “SAFE” way to level to 60 btw.


try being on fairbanks where the horde dont leave BRM so questing anywhere at all in:
-Your questing zone here

And in a show of fashion, it’s a minimum of 5v1. Or a rogue who doesnt have to use more than 2 keys per kill and you’re insert class here


I went through the same garbage trying to hit 60 during p2. Dinging tonight felt like an accomplishment. BRD to 56. Scholo/lbrs to 58. 58 and beyond run anything you want.

Only quest late at night. Prime time just forget about being outside of a dungeon.


Sounds like you should have rolled a Normal server, OP.


Are people actually having fun aoeing gy non stop? Maybe I don’t get it. I am having way more fun Fighting opposing alliance while leveling in Hillsbrad. It actually feels exciting due to a level of danger.


They are farming honor. Its bring you excitement when you grab a plant and the bar charge and you can pick it?


That was your first mistake, you die for mistakes in PvP. That’s how it be.


Wait what? Lol


It is farming. No different from me killing Satyrs for Felcloth. Except you get the added benefit of crushing your enemy’s spirit, if you’re into that.


The best part is when you get the capped out rez timer. Like the game is punishing you for letting yourself get camped lmao