Boy this sure is fun


Actually had that happen to me last night and told people in my UBRS group I couldn’t tag along because they already started clearing and by the time I’d get there they’d be like 80% done with the instance. I think it’s the mass amount of population on Herod (my server) that makes it bad.
Oh yeah, and you can’t hide behind a mountain to regen because everyone has spy.


I’m glad you’re having a good time :smiley:


Think of it like a mini quest where you have to solve a puzzle…where can I die next that the opposite faction won’t see me res & mount up as fast. I can usually get my corpse runs down to about 8 or so into BRM using this strategy.


Reroll? To a pve server?


You obviously didn’t play vanilla because vanilla was nowhere near this bad. Not even close.


Wanna hear a wild and crazy thing, there is a key to searing gorge you can get and not have to us TP as an fp anymore…


Why not just fly to Loch Modan if you know Thorium Point is going to be camped? There is a key to searing gorge you know?


We get it you couldn’t go do pve. Battlegrounds are coming in a week and a half. Please go make 10 more threads about how the alliance cant play in Blackrock Mountain anymore because pvp on a pvp server.


Sure did! However, I didn’t get past level 20 on a PvP realm. For some reason.

And this time around, I didn’t even start any characters on a PvP realm. For some reason.

It’s wild how actually treating “you can play on a PvE realm instead” as a legitimate idea rather than some kind of taunt makes all these problems go away.


It takes a special kind of fool to celebrate their own ignorance.

Stop talking about pvp friend. Bubye


Right, of course. “This isn’t fun, so I’ll stop doing it” is what makes someone a fool. rolls eyes Keep doing what you’re doing; it sounds like you’re having exactly as much fun as you deserve to.


get gud, pvp happens on pvp server


you have zero idea what you’re talking about


I went to a PVE server because… what I like is actually PVE.
As a result people are much more willing to group up to anything and doing all quests outside and inside dungeons.
Easier than you think.
And the market is superb.


Are you complaining about PvP on a PvP server? Do you buy an Xbox 360 and complain you cant play PS4 exclusives?


Stop rezzing in sight of enemies.


As a horde player I can tell you it isn’t fun for us either. Just something we have to do to keep up with the great “honor” system. Blizz really messed up letting this archaic system go live.


I mean, I play PvE servers, and even I know this much!


Nobody is forcing you to play.


I’m on sulfuras, it takes about 1 hour to get too brs lol.