Boy this sure is fun


Eventually people left the frothy world pvp scene for pve servers. History in motion.


Genuinely cannot believe these absolute garbage hot takes people like you come up with. Get some compassion buddy, this world will die without it.


Look man, my server has a pretty bad imbalance of the factions. Upon release of Phase 2, the Horde dominated every FP and every popular high level zone just like everyone else. The solution is amongst yourselves as a server. The imbalance REALLY isn’t as bad as it might seem. The alliance on my server have began coming together to form pvp groups and now they go around to the majority of zones and stomp out any horde that might reside there. Blizzard shouldn’t have to fix every inconvenience we encounter. Sometimes all it takes is a group of 15 to patrol and eradicate.


That’s funny, the alliance on my server just decreased their playtime by 90% or quit the game entirely.


I genuinely can’t believe when people have viable choices to make they still want their hands held. Even after knowing full well what those consequences were going to be. Hugs There. How’s that for compassion?


/eats popcorn



Looks like someone came up with a solution. Also sounds like it’d be a fun solution for those wanting to fight back but run to the forums complaining instead. Kudos.


Damn man, you’re like really smart. Such a smart guy. I wish I was as smart as you.


Oh when I signed up for pvp server I got lucky and ended on a 50/50 server and its great and healthy pvp. People didnt sign up to get 20v1 everywhere cause of a 70-30 server imbalance that blizz amplified.

Im complaining about people like you telling people to git gud even tho I dont have this problem because Im actually capable of understanding my fellow gamers frustration about something.

You are just unrealistic thinking the problem of people getting ganked 24/7 on imbalanced server is just that they should stop doing dungeons and pvp to prevent the ganks. How can you not see that even if 100% of the alliance on a server team up and pvp, they will get outnumbered by 50%+ more player and get crushed. This isnt a way to fix the wpvp problem.

A way to fix the wpvp problem is to get faction balance and blizz must do something about it cause it will get worst overtime with server being at 90-10, 95-5. Then you wont even have the chance to do wpvp.


we had crossrealm since late vanilla and still , horde Qs in pandaria were like 30 mins and alliance in draenor over an hour sooooo
chances are , there WILL be somewhat long Qs for horde


There is no viable choice.

I can reroll onto a PvE server, this invalidates the >hundred hours I have already invested into this character and will only exacerbate the issue, creating an even bigger server imbalance, soon the Horde will be complaining that there is nobody left to honor farm.

I can try to rally Alliance to fight back, and im sure we will make a dent into the Horde forces, but honestly our morale is so low right now that not only are we numerically outnumbered on the server, most of us are also just sitting AFK in Ironforge because the world is simply too frustrating and too dangerous to traverse. I would have to make a tremendous effort to gather a group large enough to venture into Blackrock Mountain, meanwhile for our Horde counterparts they can simply fly to Thorium Point solo and casually stroll into the dungeon at their leisure.

The only option Players on imbalanced realms have is to wait. Wait for BGs to release so the new “most efficient” way to grind honor ranks is to spam BGs. Not only this but I think after a few months of the honor system being released, many of the horde currently spending 8 hours a day corpse camping are going to eventually get bored of their incredibly one-sided fights, and maybe decide to spend their time another way. This isn’t going to completely erase ganking but it will definitely make things much more manageable for players who are not currently max level.

Honestly I don’t even mind the ganking or the corpse walking that much, if anything it’s a little bit entertaining to try and see how far I can make it into BRM with each rez. The true issue I have is the absolute lack of empathy or compassion on the Horde side. Simply spouting “PvP happened on a PvP server bud git gud” is incredibly conceited and just makes people look like giant a-holes. As someone who has a max level 60 Horde on a Horde favored PvP server I can genuinely say i’m both embarrassed and ashamed of my faction for not realizing that this kind of behavior is plain greifing and completely unacceptable.


It’s lonely when there’s nobody left to fight.


You’re playing a video game- you got time. As for resources, they are infinite (created from thin air), thus you can always get more.


Unless you were big brained and picked horde?


pve server.


Great idea, let’s have everyone on the underdog faction roll to a PvE server, that way every PvP server is a 95/5 population split and nobody has fun on them.

Great plan you are incredibly smart and have great foresight amazing player.

Undead rogues sure are smart.


Doesn’t take a genius to learn from history. You don’t have to keep repeating the same mistake or make the same mistake as others.

So if blizz makes it worse…why not leave them out of the equation and take matters into your own hands? Don’t like the odds? Change them. That’s not unrealistic. It’s simple. Roll a plan B on a different server.
What is so unrealistic about that?

Ahem. I have told people there are options. Choose a different path. Now when bg’s come out and these same people complain about twinks and better gear I will tell them to git gud.
However telling people to organize or utilize one of the other options available is not telling them to git gud.

I understand there frustrations all too well. I was born in a little hellhole called Felucca. In a game called UO.
Where player killers could be reported for murdering innocents. Which after 5 you were flagged as a murderer that was attackable by anyone. Your name was then displayed in red for the world to know. Yooz a pker! We wore it with pride and there was no hiding. There was no balance. 20v1? Yea it’s a bad time.
This is where the idea of pvm servers was born and we got the carebear land of Trammel. Then people could do their pve/pvm without worrying about PK’ers ruining their gaming experience.
Try having the key to your house looted from your body and losing the entire house and contents to another player. Lol.
I laugh at these jolly good fun corpse runs.

Here’s the thing about understanding their frustration. I understand there’s an option available to prevent all of that frustration in the first place: Roll a PVE server. No more frustration. No more faction imbalance.

PvP solution to a PvP problem has always been one of the best solutions to a PvP problem. Hell I think if we could attack our own faction we’d see less ninjas.

I never said they should stop doing dungeons. I said their crying about balance on their way into an instanced pve dungeon. Negating anything to do with faction balance and actually making it worse for their own faction by not participating in the wpvp.
You can’t have it both ways.

Well you’re getting closer. IF is a big word. Here’s the thing about that. Which leads to the part of the problem you’re trying to ignore: Player Participation!
You may get crushed. You may not but you’ll never know because the truth is part of the problem is player participation.
That’s a player problem. Not a blizz problem.

Whatcha want? Forced merges? How about blizz dynamically balances the servers in real time by just randomly phasing people to which ever server needs it? This is called sharding. Yea. No. Most don’t want that and I hope I don’t have to explain why.

Forced server transfers to balance the factions weekly? Oh who cares you just ripped 6 healthy guilds apart. The factions are balanced. Until next week.

Well. We could use connected realms. Smash a couple imbalanced servers together. There goes the economy. Again.
Yea that will be fun.

Oh. Sharding. Everyone loves sharding.<<much sarcasm.

Bring back layering? Oh thats not halance. Thats just hiding from pvp. Nope that won’t work.

Xrealm zones? Same crap as sharding, connected realms, and the like. Non vanilla and creates more problems.

So what else? Faction queues? Oh yea. Let’s have the heavy faction sit in queues while the underdog faction enjoys their instanced pve on a pvp server. Great plan. <<more sarcasm

What about warmode? Well that’s not Vanilla and why not just roll a pve server to begin with?

Nothing that we’ve seen or that has been proposed is going to fix this or cause worse issues. This can’t be fixed without forcing player choice. Thats not what mmos are about.
Players need to organize better or make individual choices to maintain a fun level of play for themselves.
Blizz has not been able to balance the factions ever. We’ve seen their “fixes” and enticements for balance in the modern game.
The only thing that gets allies motivated to fight is a free shiny. Once a week. Then their back to their pve.
None of that is viable for Classic. Live by your choices or adjust. It’s that simple.


Get up at 4am thinking I’ll be able to do some winterspring quests

-2 rogues camping town
-2 hunters at the yetis
-rogue with mc daggers at the timbermaw

Guess BRD it is then :joy::joy::joy:


It’s simple. Roll a plan B on a different server.

This makes the server imbalance even worse, and it is likely you will reroll onto a server that is Alliance favored which will create yet another skewed population server that is no fun for the underdog faction.

Now when bg’s come out and these same people complain about twinks and better gear I will tell them to git gud.

Literally nobody is complaining about gear or twinks, this is so far removed from the subject and a complete Strawman.

Which after 5 you were flagged as a murderer that was attackable by anyone. Your name was then displayed in red for the world to know. Yooz a pker! We wore it with pride and there was no hiding.

This would actually be a fun solution, and actively punishes players for ganking, I think this would be a great addition to the game, unfortunately this will not happen ever and has nothing to do with Classic WoW.

So what else? Faction queues? Oh yea. Let’s have the heavy faction sit in queues while the underdog faction enjoys their instanced pve on a pvp server. Great plan.

By using your logic, if the overpopulated faction doesn’t like the queue’s they can just roll on a different server, it’s their choice right? they have the power to change things right? Sounds completely fair going by your logic.

while the underdog faction enjoys their instanced pve on a pvp server

Wow are we not supposed to PvE at all because we rolled on a PvP server? Are you telling me that all of these players camping me in full pre-raid best in slot with Perdition’s Blade and Core Hound Tooth have never participated in instanced PvE before? They’re only on a PvP server to PvP I thought.

You are incredibly ignorant. All of your solutions are short-sighted and only create more problems.


Ehh, typical alliance…just quit since it isn’t easy…


I doubt BG’s will fix the situation, players like to take the path of least resistence, I.E. retail. Far easier to kill lvl 49’s in a raid group at BRM than do BG’s.