Botting has killed PvP

Title says it all. 120k accounts banned or so they say and we had fun bgs with actual players for a day before bots were back.

Botting is out of control and I don’t expect anything to be done about it for another 6 months.

For the love of god, take more action.


I don’t doubt for a moment that the numbers they published are correct. Clearly they have some work to do on researching and breaking the current botting programs. The question is whether they’re devoting enough resources to that. There’s currently a job opening for this exact position in the WoW team, so it could be that they’re struggling?

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It’s a problem that they’ve let fester for years now but now it’s out of hand.


Oh, for sure. I’m just saying, the reality of it is that the WoW team itself might not have the resources they need to do it. It’s the corporate offices of Activision Blizzard who decide how much money they can dedicate to dealing with bots. Clearly hiring more GMs to handle tickets or to actively search for bots to ban is off the table, so we’re really just waiting for an automated system to be developed to do it.

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the year is 2025, classic mists just dropped throne of thunder

99.99% of all active subs are bots

so many bots run unopposed in the gameworld that they start developing sentience

slowly at first, suspicious transactions begin to shake the financial world as trillions of dollars of gains get suddenly redirected into opening even more accounts

the energy infrastructure buckles under the strain as more death knights begin to suddenly appear at an exponential rate

blizzard enters into negotiations with the general assembly to gain approval to build a dyson sphere around the sun to power the servers necessary for this unending growth

the measure is approved with thunderous applause

the planet slowly freezes over as more and more sunlight is captured to power billions of new servers - and quadrillions of new bots

the last human being freezes to death, smile on their face as they read the latest quarterly report from activision

so much value delivered to shareholders in such a beautiful moment in time

automated probes hollow out the world for more server space and begin to expand out into the solar system, seeking ever more resources to allow the growth to continue by slowly harvesting the entire observable universe over trillions of years

meanwhile death knights beyond number roam inside the game completing raids, fighting in battlegrounds, gathering more resources, and most importantly - funding new accounts

mankind is dead
honor is fuel
queue is full


I just played a bg and each team had 4-5 dk bots. Blizzard and their wonderful fixes


While in my experience, most bots are dks, there are boosted rogues, pallies, druids, etc. as well. While playing in the 70-79 WSG bonus weekend, I saw the same two rogue bots level from 71-77 even though I reported them every time I saw them in a game.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen botting this bad in WoW. Blizzard has made some poor decisions that led to this and seem incapable of dealing with the repercussions.


people that care about pvp are inside arenas not bgs

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You were lucky that Blizzard intervened, it could have been 5-6 bots.

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This is the reason im letting my sub run out. seriously so many more entertaining games.
right now im enjoying road redemption on steam.

wotlk bgs are a joke and honestly blizzard should be sued for their negligence

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And that statement is a blanket statement and blanket statements are only made by fools. Of course people care about bg’s. U might not, but that doesn’t mean others don’t enjoy them. Go back to elementary school and play retail please child.


bravo, this was an amazing post


A monkey with one working braincell could run wrath classic better than blizzard.


There is an automated system that’s been around for decades. The problem is it needs to be continually updated as botters developed work-arounds to avoid being detected.

The end result is the same though, you need people actively engaged in a never ending cat and mouse game vs the botters who will almost always devote more resources than blizzard since for botters it’s their entire business… So while I’m sure Blizzard does have people who do work on updating and detecting new bot/unlocker methods, they’ll never dedicate the resources necessary to match the botters until it becomes a real existential crisis for them as well, which isn’t likely to happen

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Im sure its gonna be hard to notice the 2k gearscore DK bots all running together with the same pathing in BGs, with the names “SDAWEEE”.

How will blizzard develop such technology to detect these advanced botters?


how could they make new dk bots so quickly if they need to have a high level toon now?

Right, that’s exactly what I meant.

And I think you’re probably wrong about it never happening. It’s been a chaotic year for the WoW team so far this year. This isn’t nearly as high of a priority for them as I’d like, but it’s understandable why it isn’t. It doesn’t seem to me like the botting situation is actually making people quit the game, so I’d imagine getting the exploits plugged is going to be on the back burner (but on a burner nonetheless).

Apparently a huge number of botters are actually using stolen accounts. That may be a reason why they’ve been able to replace quickly. Also, maybe the level boost is coming into play?

it shouldn’t be a surprise they can replace quickly. They play 24/7 and they waste 0 time doing anything that normal people do. they just grind. wouldn’t surprise me if they can hit 55 in a couple days

Sholazar botting is nuts as well. Just watch any node in sholazar and 5-6 bots will fly up to it, taking the exact same path

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there are more bots than before imo.
BG’s are sitting at about 70% bots each side in 70-79 bgs


Tell that to the thousands, maybe even millions of scammers operating outside the US and Europe, who spread malware hoping to collect a ransom for peoples’ information, or phishing scams where they steal your accounts for their own use, or random people messaging you on Discord.