Botters love the new exp buff

Seems really naive of blizzard to not at least require that you have a lvl 40 already in order to receive the buff, in the current state it’s basically a massive injection of illicit gold into the economy while drastically cutting the losses they receive from ban waves.

Starting to feel like you guys have never made an mmo before.


Botters love the new exp buff

So do I.


Pretty sure WoW is indeed Blizzard’s first MMO


How can you tell they are bots might be new players learning the game ~ blizzard

Look at these forum bots not leveling alts! Teh noive I say! seriously, ran my alt through BFD, got a full level without rested, Geez Louise

Meh buff is just same as rested anyways.

Only difference is not waiting a week to plsy a character to llevel in sn effective manner

Is the quest XP not doubled? Haven’t been able to play yet

fine by me, prices were getting a little steep after the banwave

You act like botters don’t have max level characters already. It doesn’t change anything slapping some arbitrary requirement on the buff. Botters don’t care how long it takes one of their toons to level because they are just that: a bot. It’s entirely automated.

The argument that the experience buff is a botters best friend is so boring at this point.

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I just started out, the buff convinced me. The runes seem like a fun idea. Is the 100% bonus until level 40 or just 25?


Not bad!



Awesome! That’s like permanent rested XP :heart_eyes:


Actual retail tourists rejoicing over exp changes to a game they don’t play. If I wasn’t unhinged all ready these forums would have driven me there. It’s like a consistent comedy.

Rare to see the actual sterotype in direct action. Lmao.

Vanilla was the original Retail.

Get over yourself.


Retail was a coined term on feenix in 2010 to give distinction to the branches, come on Glinda.

Your little tribal act is boring and it doesn’t make you special.

There’s a lot of things bots love that are still beneficial to the players, and not adding these things to “stick it to the bots” I guess is unfair to the actual players

Bots will always be there, with or without advantages. The game should not be developed based on the fear that bots will use one thing or another to their advantage

Like it’s an better than playing a glorified sock puppet. Kettle calling the pot black fellow roach.

Would a hug help, friend?


Maybe, a beer and a smoke would go better.

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