Botters love the new exp buff

That’s for after.

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I’m a power vers, you can’t handle bear mode either way baby boy.

No one knows what that means.

  1. Wow is blizzards first mmo so uhhh yeah
  2. Bots don’t care about exp boosts, they are bots.

This is nonsense they banned GDKPs so bots are gone.

There is no reason why botters would have more than one max level character per account when they can simply level multiple characters across multiple accounts and have them all botting at the same time. It’s not an arbitrary requirement at all.

And why would they not care how fast they’re leveling? They’re constantly getting banned, so time spent while leveling would be downtime where they’re not making any gold to sell. Do you think they’re making bots just for the fun of being a botter?

Hopefully next they’ll ban ascii characters in names.

The problem is a gold farming bot is going to have 1 character per account most likely. Why would they waste time leveling a second toon once they have one already at max?

So lets say Blizzard does a ban wave and bans all the bots they have discovered, those bots will be back in the coming week leveling with the buff on new accounts.

You don’t even have to restrict the buff to only 40, make it so that the max effective level is based on the highest level somebody has gotten on that account in SoD.

For example if their highest toon is 40 the buff willl work all the way up to 40, but if their highest toon is 25, then it will only work up to 25.