Discoverer’s Delight 100% Experience Buff Now Live

Discoverer’s Delight 100% Experience Buff Now Live

Join the path of discovery in Season of Discovery. Players now get the benefit of the Discoverer’s Delight experience buff*, which increases experience gains by 100% for all players through level 39!

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Very nice!

A version of the game with only a level cap of 40 needs even faster leveling I guess.


unless you party up its pretty tedious…

and most of us have done it so many times…


I think it has more to do with the phases being relatively short and people wanting to play alts. We’re about halfway through the phase.


Phase 2 released 3.5 weeks ago…

Phase 1 was 10 weeks so we will see how long Phase 2 is.

Maybe SoD shouldn’t even have leveling?

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More than anything it’s about how people are leveling. Making the dungeon grind shorter is hardly a bad thing.

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TBF, 25-40 is one of the longest level stretches probably ever. Plus, now I can level my alts and try something else out if I want. Guild needs people who can swap to another role every once in a while, and I am fine with that so bonus.


People complain about the servers populations plummeting and then come on here and fight tooth and nail against the 1 thing that will help it.

The classic argument of “I had it hard so everyone else needs to as well”

It’s a seasonal realm and most of us don’t have 8 hours to devote to this game everyday to get even 2 characters to max level

Well done blizzard, this is a fantastic change


Players can also visit any innkeeper in the capital cities to turn the experience buff off or on.



I havent seen this many BFD groups going since post Kelris p1 nerf week

retail players hate leveling bro :expressionless:


how is this a retail thing? >.> you actually have to play the game in retail, in Classic you can just buy boosts.


Uh…did you just confused one with the other or something?

nah, i can auto-pilot any content in classic and still parse 80’s to 90’s - Retail i actually have to pay attention just to get 95+ parses and not die for end game content anyway.

Leveling you do have to pay attention if your doing an instance grind, or even leveling since the gear gets quickly outdated with your level and becomes harder if your questing.

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Bring back GDKP


cry more about it


I don’t care I just find it funny.

It seems like classic players were the ones crying about having to level to 40 though for this change to be made.

nobody cares about your epic mythic+ nonsense bro :expressionless: enjoy the dance dance revolution tho


It does when you want people to try a bunch of classes.