Bots are literally flying now

yes, welcome to playing a 15 year old video game. is this your first time? go try black ops on xbox right now.

Inb4 bot apologists claim that’s perfectly fine.

lets bann those bots!

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Its bot hacking, you genius.

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Well damn! Now I can’t say anything!

Not gonna lie I’m a lil jelly I can’t just fly through zg like that when I boost.

I gotta run and safe spot and all that other peasant nonsense

The game is not real. Nobody is really flying. If the pixels on YOUR screen show another player flying, that doesn’t mean the pixels on THEIR screen show them flying.

For pixels to show flying, thousands of lines of code would have to be executed on both computers – lines of code that do not exist in a game that has no flying.

Why would a “hacker” do that – create an image on your screen of pixels that look like they are flying? It wouldn’t allow their character to fly.

It also seems amazingly unlikely. In movies (fiction) “hackers” can do anything. Real life is very far from that.

“Bots” simulate keystrokes – the game thinks a real player is hitting keys. That “bot” can do anything a real player can do AND NOTHING ELSE.

Dude there’s absolutely jump hacks that can make people jump and basically fly…It happened in vanilla too, nothing new. But what does appear to be newer is bots with jump hack together.

ok Morpheus step out of the computer for a bit and maybe learn how one works. everything you said about bots is wrong. like very badly, you should be ashamed, wrong.

Why does it have to be a human mage?

T Rex? Who’s that?

Can’t tell if your legit mentally handicapped or just trying way to hard to troll. Either way it’s retarded.

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never forget

I thought something was strange when we went from not having a queue to having a queue of around 1k. These bots might be the reason why.

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they have done a ban wave or two, just takes them a while to get around to it

classic isnt a big priority for blizzard tbh

they use programs to hack the game, it is straight up cheating but definitely possible

the extra code you are talking about comes from the hacking programs and regular players can see them fly. they sometimes use speed hacks that makes them faster than you can see though

this is wrong, botting programs and hacking programs are not necessarily the same thing but one can use both

I like that we have been told in the past that the lag when a large number of players are in one place is the price to pay for having blizzard servers verify data server side. Surely a little bit of (unplayable) lag is a small price to pay for a fair game?

Well yeah, but nah. This is an excrementshow. Overcrowded ghetto servers and rampant cheating.

If it weren’t for the corruption, private servers would be better in every regard.

I have seen druids fly with the flag in wsg, not in classic but retail, but my point is that hacking is an issue in Warcraft.

“They fly now?”
“They fly now?!”
“They fly now!”

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