Bots are literally flying now

You don’t play classic???




How convenient.

Guys I can’t link the Blizzard Chinese post because I have phones but believe me they ban bots hard


Yep. This is their plan all along. They are really greedy.

This is ridiculous

Call it an ultimatum - but if Acti/Blizz announces a WoW token I’m out.

That would essentially confirm they were in with the hackers and botters to push player opinion in favor of tokens for higher cash grabbing and revenue in a game with LITERALLY zero GM’s and zero customer support, having to rely on broken and easily abused automated systems and tickets often taking up to 5 days to even get a response.

It would be a nice excuse to stop playing, but I’m not quite at that point of disgust. And it certainly does NOT forbode well with people who are excited for TBC. TBC from the looks of how they are handling Classic is DoA.


This is accurate to Vanilla as gold sellers used to position themselves in the air and die so their bodies spelled out their gold selling site.

Glad to see it’s coming back.

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hey look its still happening

Same here. If they places tokens I’m out.


Yeah TBC would only be good for a little while if they release fresh servers so by the time everyone and their mother had their bots set up the game would be Ok depending on what patch they decide to release it.

They’ll have to really sell me BC otherwise I’m gone Blizzard

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You can kiss TBC goodnight.

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Probably, time to give private servers a try I guess


I’m waiting to see how this plays out and if Blizz does nothing or jobs us with tokens I’m going back too.

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So you have no proof. So nobody is going to believe your statement, and we will continue to call for bots to be banned.


Sickening nothing is being done.
They need a blue post acknowledging what’s happening and how they plan to stop it obviously not insanely detailed but to let people know they’re working on it.
This has ruined the integrity of the game.


50% of the people have no integrity who play this game let alone even know what it means. So maybe keeping the bots around has added some integrity? At least they dont complain, do exactly what they are told and dont smell like a landfill.

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Percentages should never be used without data to back it up. EVER!!!

Announcement of 200,000 bots being banned in a one week period:

100,000 the next week:

List of names of the banned characters:

Next goalpost please!


Oh wow, look at the difference between the two:

About 20 times as much botters in Classic got the banhammer than in retail.

So, can we get some weekly waves here too? :smiley:

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Imagine trusting Blizzard, let alone the team that runs WoW in China

They have an updated list of names of the characters being banned. You realize this would be easily verifiable by the playerbase, right?

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