Bots are literally flying now

Mages can just FLY through AV and take towers now. :wink:

That went way over your head.

The botting is a problem, but another is the ability to destroy trash mobs with a Rank 1 Blizzard. They need a stealth buff for mobs that grants them HP regen when the fight lasts longer than a predetermined amount of time. Then the bot can sit in ZG all day blizzarding the same set of alligators to his heart’s content.

Another issue is the invisible wall climbing hack. Why does that even exist?

The best analogy for the war on bots/gold sellers would be the war on drugs in the US. The regulation and legalization of illicit consumables are common-sense policies put forth to “solve” this fabricated crisis.

If Blizzard does the same it will mean allowing gold for purchase in Classic. This is the only way to dissolve the gold blackmarket completely and thus rid the servers of most bots. I know in this case that I’ll immediately cancel my subscription if it comes to this. I didn’t pay for retail.

One does wonder though if Actiblizz, as does the DEA in America regarding the illicit drug trade, profits from the gold blackmarket in some way unseen to the public. Though I don’t claim this is the case and don’t wish to break ToS.

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That’s crazy.

Blizzard needs to ban the bots.

I hope they do a ban wave right as they release the AQ content. Then they’ll have less need for layering, since the population will be so much lower.

Maybe they’re jumping super fast.

It’s quite simple. There are hundreds of thousands of “ORDINARY PLAYERS” doing millions of different things at any given time, and one of those players is bound to find something. In contrast, there are maybe tens of Blizzard employees hunting this stuff down. That’s why they need us to report this stuff. We are the resources they rely on to catch these players. Note that the guy who recorded the video didn’t even bother to report the botter or any other players he suspected of being bots.


If Blizzard won’t even prevent fly hacking, they have a lower level of care and consideration for their game than most indie free to play games, and private MMO servers including the ones running vanilla.

Blizz does not give a rats. Warcraft china bans thousands of players each week… A bit odd China cares about the health of the game more than the “creator”.


“JuSt KeEp RePoRtInG tHeM”



I’ve reported so many bots and they remain online. I’m not sure this reporting thing is getting sent to the right person.


The war on drugs is a lie to rake in money through the slave state (US Prisons) nothing more. The government is the ones bringing the drugs into the country, and we likely still have troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan (for the greater good).

I’ll go ahead and say the reason for a lack of response from Blizzard is they are likely taking a cut of the gold selling profits in exchange for granting limited farming/botting license.

Blizzard already loves selling gold in retail…

Sounds words of advice are to never trust a corporation, because no one has any accountability as long as money is being made.

Look at EA these days… reduced to gambling simulators disguised as sports games for children.

They KNOW THIS… and to think Blizzard has some sort of moral high ground is extremely ignorant.


All I can say is that if you’re constantly reporting people who aren’t getting banned, then maybe you’re just too quick to accuse players of botting.

  1. Reporting is there to make you think they are dealing with it only. 2. It’s not as hard as you either are pretending it is or actually falsly think it is. It’s a combination of not giving a hoot and not being competent to deal with it in a co$t effective manner.
  1. People are way too eager to accuse players of botting. Here are the criteria I’ve personally been given in the past week:
  • All guildless mages in dungeons
  • Hunters with Pets that assist with mobs they didn’t tag
  • All guildless players in Un’goro
  • All players in “known” bot guilds
  • Any player that beats you to a high-end node
  • Any player that makes a right angled turn
  • All multi boxers

I’m sure there are a few more “tell-tale” signs of botting that I’ve forgotten to mention. I’m not saying that all reports are bogus, but I believe that many are.


It is amazing to me blizzard is this pathetic. I thought killing servers was their low but nope. Hundreds of bots on every servers, a worse anti cheat than private servers and laughable server stability.

It’s seriously amazing blizzard won’t do a damn thing about bots. I actually wish blizzard did this even 1/10 as well as amateurs. This is seriously pathetic.


Funny, I expected someone to say “no changes”.

Actiblizz is too busy pandering and virtue signaling to do anything about this. Oh and lets not disrupt the Chinese overlords.


Just reported a player on Arugal after watching many, many players fly hacking through a tree behind White’s Hope Chapel (14 Sept 2023 9:20pm)
Stratholme (and Dire Maul) has 50+ mages in it all of whom seem to be botting/hacking/gold farming and exploiting free transfers to move gold across to other servers. Arugal has perhaps 10-15 real player and hundreds of these bots/hackers/gold farmers.

Did the same on Remulos, used mindvision to get screenshots of each mage and sent it to Hacks @ Blizzard (dot) com, their email address. If you have a priest/priest buddy, do the same. Won’t stop them but it’ll slow them down, Blizzard can maybe even track them to see who is buying gold at the other end.