Bots are literally flying now

Everybody knows bots suck but at least they are typically limited to the same things players could be doing, just on a massive scale.

Well, not anymore. Here we can see a bot clearly flying through ZG boosting players. Is nothing going to be done about bots until the game is totally destroyed?



Thank you for posting that video! This goes a great length to demonstrate how in-game hacking is being abused and to show more about how this type of exploiting is being done.

This should be something easily tracked and actionable via Blizzard. For example, doing some sort of database query for human mages that are in ZG and move between XYZ1 coordinate and XYZ2 coordinate, whereas XYZ1 coordinate is in the actual air, and then issue game bans and IP bans to those involved.


just goes to show how much activision loves China


Considering how you are perfectly fine with manipulating data files for personal gain why are you pretending to care here?


“They fly now?!”

God, I hate that movie.


China-Vision games TM

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I don’t believe it. How can anyone fly in a game that does not have flying in it?

I know how you can make a video that LOOKS LIKE you are flying to other viewers. That is simply a matter of tricking viewers. Modern movies have been doing that for the last 30 years – it is called CGI. The movie “Jurassic Park” didn’t hire dinosaurs, did it?

Yes. It did. Obviously.


Uh… they hack.


I cannot believe that using pathing exploits like that isn’t a bannable offense against PLAYERS; let alone bots.

I believe it comes down to one of two things: 1.) Either Blizzard is unwilling to do anything about these pathing exploits and bots or 2.) They are unable to do anything about them.

I find option two to be less viable than option one. I find it VERY hard to believe that Blizzard put together a system that they have insufficient access, reporting, or control over that they cannot be aware of people and bots exploiting their game like this. And I also cannot buy their usual excuse of, “We just don’t have the resources to catch these exploiters.” Blizzard makes more money annually than the GDP of some small countries. If ORDINARY PLAYERS such as the one who recorded this fiasco (and others on YouTube) can spot bots on their own time and with their limited resources, why can’t a company as successful and lucrative as Blizzard do it? I supposed there is the possibility that all the really smart and talented people have left Blizzard over the years and that the Peter Principle has taken over.

However, I think the first option is the one that fits. Blizzard simply does not care. They do not care that people and bots are exploiting their game. They do not care that these exploits are ruining the economy on their game servers. They do not care that these people and bots are literally LAUGHING at them all the way to the bank. Maybe they are still upset that more people prefer to play Classic than Retail. Maybe they figure if they let Classic devolve into a cesspool of botters and exploiters that people will stop playing Classic and actually go back to Retail. I am personally at a loss here to explain things otherwise as I know as an IT professional that I would NEVER allow my systems to be exploited like this.

If at the end of the day though they actually believe this will drive people back to Retail, I have some sad news for them. I stopped playing World of Warcraft during BFA and only came back to play Classic. If they do let Classic devolve into a cesspool, I will happily take my subscription to another game where the developers actually CARE about their product and their environment.



Another bot sympathizer. Your day must be coming since all the shills who never post are coming out strong to defend them.

Hope you have enough money to pay rent next month. Might be hard to bot with all this heat that is about to pop off.


We have the gold sellers scared they are flooding post defending bots and making ridiculous defenses for bots.

For real how lazy was that answer. “Duh it waz CGIz gaiz”


Activision probably doesn’t care, banning botters = less subs = less money. This has been the case for decades with Diablo II and actual companies selling items for real world money all thanks to their botters running games 24/7.


the funny part is you are more likely to be banned for “harassment” than the bots who are blatantly cheating


Pretty good troll. like 8/10

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if you repeatedly harass someone for botting, will you be banned?
cause the other guy sure won’t be banned


Agreed, and I didn’t even watch it. Just some videos of people tearing it apart. I refuse to give Disney any money for the garbage they are putting out. All that money they had to throw at this gone down the toilet with the crap screenwriting.

If you look closely, he isn’t actually “flying”, he is falling for short distances repeatedly and then his height is reset. You could almost say that he’s falling, with style.

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The bot problem will always be a problem as long as a market supported by the players exists for it. Blizz can ban the account sure but if its profitable for them they can just make a new account and do it again. Not allot blizz can actually do about that so instead of yelling at blizz about bots and fixing them instead focus on the players who support and pay money to them as they are the reason bots are so prevalent

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Blizzard is allowing this to go rampant until people embrace the idea of the wow token.