Bots are literally flying now

Still brown nosing, still shifting blame. In a thread about people hacking as well as botting.


Bah there’s my childhood ruined. :frowning:

They already Ban people for buying gold genius. Had a druid in my last guild get a lifetime ban for buying.

Bots used to fly before as well.

I never said they didnt did I? I would call you a genius back but clearly you lack reading comprehension

You lack common sense.

“Hey gaiz leave indy company alone they not doing nothing so leave them alone, ok”

You are defending inaction and claiming they can’t solve this issue when in Vanilla which took place 15 years ago they clearly fought and won every battle.

Just admit you are a gold seller or some raid login retail kid who needs to buy gold.


I actually met the T rex in person once at a convention. She was a nice lady but expressed a little bit of disappointment in that her acting career didn’t take off like she thought it would after that movie.

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  1. they released ban numbers for multiple regions just they other day that showed 10’s of thousand accounts being banned so the claim of they are doing nothing is clearly wrong

  2. Its not defending inaction when action is taking place but when you have a market thats profitable for it no action is enough. We punish drug dealers but they are still around as the market remains for them

  3. Have always admitted that yes in vanilla - cata I was a gold seller made about 6-800 bucks a week doing so had a few banned acounts but what was 50 bucks for a new one in comparison to what I was earning? Your claiming the won that battle is back then is hilarious as my first account ban wasnt until tbc

And here is the point of my debate as long as a market exists nothing they do can stop only band aid the situation for a day or two. The problem is with the player base who pays for the services

Ewww no wonder you are a dirty commie gold sellers. I was taking a wild jab since the only people against action are the ones who benefit.

Also you can’t win the war or drugs but does that mean we should not have law enforcement and let them hijack city’s?

I hope you saved enough money to pay next month’s rent since Bald Man called out Blizz.


BuT hOw Do YoU kNoW iTs A bOt


No law enforcement is good as is the banning of bots like blizzard is doing. But both result in the same thing as long as a market exists hence why we still have both.

Not sure what a bald man is or how that affects blizz and since that was 10 years plus ago not sure what it has to do with current financial situations?

Let me ask you. Why do you care what we ask from Blizzard?

We are here telling them to fix something and you are here defending the bots. Why waste your time if you don’t have anything to gain?

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How about a source here big boy?

« I swear guys Blizzard banned millions botters in strath the other day, believe me!! »


where did I defend them? at what point did I say they are fine and leave them? What im saying is maybe look at your own player base who funds this and realizing they are just as much as an issue? What your asking is impossible for blizz to do or fix as long as the player base supports it financially

You have nothing to add to this conversation and advise you to leave us alone. These fourms exist for the player base to extend our grievances about the game to the Company/Devs.

You are adding nothing of value and your shilling is very suspect.


on phone so cant link but its the post with the blue bot response on the same topic this one talking about the recent ban waves and numbers in the china region

pretty sure they exist for a form of conversation you have a whole over section for complaints and grievances

Yeah I recorded a video back in Wrath, I think it was, of bots flying in Stormwind.

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The lotus nerf must have hurt pretty bad if you have time to troll us. I wonder if you are in a cafe or a “gamer house”. Your boss must be working you hard to be here shilling.

?? I dont play classic you dont seem to actual have any actual dispute to any points im making just throwing wild accusations that you have gotten all wrong like defending bots and blizz ect ect none of what I have actually done