Boosting services are now against EULA?!?!

How do you tell the difference between a “boosting community” and a guild that boosts?

Sorry, boosting promotes gold buying. Easy and gimmicky gold farms provide gold sellers with a means yo make said gold.

It all needs to be cleaned up.

Seems to be primarily targeting cross realm stuff so as long as you keep it on the server you should be fine.

This has been how retail has been since the WoW token. You can buy the best gear in the game via carries for gold via WoW token. TBC is no different except add gold sellers and GDKPs

As opposed to extremely difficult and highly competitive gold farms that increase the value of gold? I mean, we saw what happened in Classic with Devilsaur and Black Lotus cartels controlling the price of these materials. Imagine not fully consuming for a raid like everyone else and expecting to get carried through content.

Imagine needing to use consumables.

Imagine not being able to play a game without following a guide.

Imagine actually leveling your own toon.

Give it a bit more time before you start celebrating. Unless of course this is just you relishing the fact that Blizzard has on paper said things will change in which case, okay. Blizzard says a lot of things, has said, and will continue to say things that people like to hear. From my experience, call me old fashioned, its all just been mildly disappointing but I’m more tickled than bothered. #Nochanges then there were some changes. #Stop58lvlboosts then most everyone gets one. #timesupgoldsellers, but the auction house and the layering of infinitely farmable zones exists. And mages who sell boosts whether involved or not are getting paid in laundered gold here and there. Blizzard can trace it back to the first set of hands it passed through but its by their own design. Buy an account. Buy a sub. Buy character boost for a mage. Get to Outland. Boost to 70. Ta-da new set of hands. Then they go on to sell boosts and its a full circle. And that is just the common disgusting way that violates the rules.

What about the supposed legit, albeit gaming the system way? Whats deterring people from joining these guilds and discords and what not so they can engage in level boosting, other than the fear of losing their integrity? A sad price to pay, but people pay it all the same along with other things. Will Blizzard come through and bring an end to that too? Would be surprising and definitely a nice change of pace, but I doubt it. I really, REALLY doubt it. They don’t even have enough people to properly resolve in-game tickets in a timely manner. Where will they find the living resources to effectively sift through every single time a coin changes hands be it in-game or otherwise? And even then, will they stop the rinse and repeat when it puts money in the house’s coffers? Maybe Billy will bring on some of those tried and tested outsourced call center employees of his and they can swing the banhammers. That’d be neat, ironic, and hilarious.

Cauchy mate 10k posts and for what?
I’ve got 50 toons the cap on my retail account they were all max level in bfa… 10 characters on my tbc realm all 70… i’ve played the game i’ve leveled almost more than more people EVER will, i’ve played since old TBC with a short break within cata/mop.

I don’t find time to post on the forums all the time.
Boosting doesn’t cause gold buying anymore than certain music causes devil worship its limited data points finding something to stick too.
One of the reasons people brought gold was - Wowtoken exists which is just Blizzard taking a cut from it, Prio to wowtoken existing that reason didn’t exist now it does.
But also because nobody was punished buying gold for three YEARS during classic… bots weren’t banned… issues ignored… respect for Blizzard lost… why not buy gold. (and note i never have and never will, i don’t think its worth the cost of money)

Blizzard have to be very careful and they should really clear up the forums and if they looked over your replies they might see what you really want out of wow is an RPG without the MMO part… so maybe Skyrim would be best for you? or a soft mute because you don’t speak for most of wow players.
Sadly Blizzard ignore the voices of reason that often have to make youtube videos because these forums are full of trolls.



That’s a pretty bad false equivalence.

This doesn’t make sense. Blizzard introduced the token as a response to gold buying/selling.

This is false.

Ah, but you do?

So, if you see it on YouTube, it must be legit? You’ve said enough.

It’s wildly obvious that if boosting didn’t exist, Those people simply would not level alts.

The idea that boosting takes people out of LFG is deeply flawed. The only time this MIGHT have been true was at launch.

Also stop presenting yourself as some sort of intellectual on here it’s super cringe. Anyone who has been here long is well aware you barely play the game and at the lowest possible levels of skill and effort.

Do you have a clue about what irony is?

I never stand at a dungeon’s entrance and AFK. Trying to say that whatever it is you think I’m doing is less skilled than that is a pretty stupid.

Why don’t you try to think up a real insult and come back? I’ll wait.

Your mama dresses you funny.

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She used to.

Oh, and reported.

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If I’d known you were going to report me I’d have gone whole hog and used the entire quote: “you’re ugly and your mama dresses you funny.”

I used to have a button that said that

It’s an 80s thing, you wouldn’t understand.

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It’s also a Californication quote. Great show!

God, some people have terrible taste.

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Yeah, anyone who doesn’t like that show has terrible taste.

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Unjustbans ?? the bans should have happened 2 years ago, not now after millions of players quit the game directly from these scammer booster jerks ruining the economy for last 2 years.

trying to apply a bandaid after the games already bled to death and everyone quite.

FYI under Mike Morhiem, None of these booster botters were ever in game before, the few that where always got banned within weeks of them doing such stuff.

soon as J allen brack took over, the botters had free rien for years, so he could falsly pad his player base numbers to the stock holders, this is why they never got banned before. The only reason they are doing it now, as everyone is already aware the numbers are so bad player base wise, if they dont do it, they will have ZERO players sooner then later, now that this truth im telling is finally getting heard.

after 3 years - I TOLD YOU SO, J Allen Brack, was not the person be running blizzard. He was responsible for all the earlier crimes on its employess well before it went public.

WoW dead, and the botters scammers boosters ruined the entire game for over 3 million players.

players tolerated it for years but still no fixes in place. even today weeks after this notice, the LFG queue is the same as ever flooded with the same scammer botters, and folks wonder why nobody is left playing in the game any more other then 99% bot accounts now.

Blizzard when you lie to the people that make your paychecks, thats just sad, disgusting, and its why over 4 million players have quit in the last 6 months alone we cant tolerate the lies any more.

These booster botter scammers ruined the entire game

that’s some straight up soviet union Joe Stallin kinda stuff.

You cannot use the Dark Portal Pass boost on a Blood Elf or Draenei character.

but you know they wanna use the level boost so you can play with friends something something dumb something