Boosting services are now against EULA?!?!

Just giving everyone a heads up, this is the guy calling farming dungeons an exploit.

He sees basically anything above minimum skill / effort as cheating.

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So what you’ve achieved in a month of gameplay, over 70% of your server achieved in a 1-2 week period. All I’m hearing is that others should play it as casually as you do.

So basically you are one of these people who see’s other people doing stuff and just dislikes it from a distance… then shoves their opinion down everyone’s throat?

Would you like to share your opinion on how Taiwan can counter Chinese aggression better?

I just don’t understand how people can have nothing to do with one part of the game then speak so harshly upon it… the forums here are full of people who don’t really play the game much but have widely loud opinions on it.

Hopefully Blizzard and everyone carrying out their new rules understands the rules enough not to ban people who aren’t breaking the rules or… the letter of the rule.


If anyone has been in retail trade chat is literally advertisements of boost communities offering boosting services for literally everything in the game.

So from a retail perspective this is a good thing because trade chat will literally fall silent with this change. It will also be easy to track these players in retail because they are in communities.

I’ve seen these communities spamming for new people to join to help with boosts and they offer a wages in gold. All this is exactly why I don’t play retail. Most players have millions of gold and can literally pay to win.

For classic I highly doubt it will have much effect. But the easy way to avoid it is stop buying boosts plain and simple.

I see people calling blizz out for this change. Do u think that this was blizzards decision after years of this happening in game? I don’t I think Microsoft has looked at the state of wow and is making their changes. In the press release about the selling it said blizz would start reporting to the Microsoft head for gaming.

You’re the only person I’ve encountered that equates cheating with skill.

I suspect you usually hear what you want to here.

The forums are a great place when Blizzard implemnts new policy. It really is like Christmas.

They should remove Gold from the game and just leave bartering as the currency. Would stop gold farming, AH games and most forms of boosts.

Would have a more healthy community.

No, that would be you.

When you call face tanking strat as a paladin an exploit, because people learned how to use skill and proper itemization, you are claiming that is a form of cheating the system in place. You have actively called for nerfs to it because you feel it’s unfair that someone who put time and effort into something was an exploit…

There you go again… Defending the abuse of class mechanics by calling it “time and effort.”


A whole lot of people are getting this wrong. Blizz is going after the real life currency boosts and account pilots. They could care less if you use your own gold to buy your way into a carry. This is just another mass ban wave coming is all.

It took trial and error for people to learn how to do these things. It also took finding the right gear items to use for it.

You are simply upset because someone found a better way to play than you that is more efficient.

Very few people were involved in the trial-and-error process. Once they figured it out, word gets out and everyone else (like you) copied. This isn’t skill. This is gaming the system. Historically, Blizzard has been slow to respond to these issues, but they tend to get to them eventually.

So is stacking shamans to have multiple blood lusts.

So is buying things on the AH for bid price.

So is everything we do in the game efficiently.

Gaming the system is playing the game efficiently.

It’s not an exploit to play efficiently.

The game should not be designed around the lowest common denominator that you play on.

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The only thing you seem to be good at is coming up with false equivalences. None of that lines up.

Sorry. Thanks for playing.


Maybe you should meditate on these words.

Because you seem to need to hear then far more than I do.

How are any of the things you brought up even remotely related or comparable to the discussion?

Could you illuminate this for us?

It shows you are not a voice worth considering on this topic because you consider face tanking things an exploit.

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Ah. As expected, you can’t shed any light. Got it.

Hot take - everyone has to farm their own materials for consumables/crafted gear and use group loot in dungeons and raids. Player-run services should be bannable outside of forming raid and dungeon groups. Shutdown the auction house and disable master loot/temporary loot trading in raids/heroics.

You seem quite upset by the recent announcements.


Absolutely support them cleaning up retail. But disagree with what you’d call the perfect experience. If I wanted to play a game without a player-driven economy then I would play such a game.