Boosting services are now against EULA?!?!

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Boosts have literaly kept the game population higher than it would be without them. The game would be a ghost town without boosting community.

Good. It kills the community aspect of an MMORPG and screws over people that do low end content by diluting their player pool.

I was in a top guild from Vanilla through Cata. Never once sold a boost to anyone. We did “boost” new players in the guild by running all of the raids when we had new people I guess. Boosting wasn’t as big as people make it seem back in the day. Now people want to be paid to do anything in the game.


Or a flow chart telling people exactly what to do beforehand.

I was very active in WoW from 2006- 2010. Cataclysm got me to quit for a while.

Dungeon “boosts” consisted of up to a few runs from a high level friend. They were either helping you get quests done or belping you get gear. Anyone asking to be “boosted” would have been told to “level your damn self!”

You could buy arena carries, but those who were known to be bad at PvP with an arena title were made fun of.


If Boosting Services are Against TOS - why is blizzard treating players so badley and not upholding those regulations ?? Do they even play the game ??

I log into WoW and the LFG is flooded still to this day for 3 + years now with botters they refuse to fix.

This is the real truth Why wow is getting destroyed and millions of players are leaving. They dont like playing with cheaters in game constantly harrassing us legitimate players for scams and cash grabs.


BLIZZARD _ PLEASE UNDERSTAND PLAYERS CANNOT USE THE REPORT BUTTON> IT DOES NOT WORK. No player can out click a report button in game to overcome the millions of botters that are flooding the LFG systems and even emails in game.

FACT = Blizzard has limitaions on players ingnor list- Ive reached that years ago, so i can no longer even block the scammers and botters bothering me every time i log into play any longer. They refere me back to clicking the system that is FULL< and no longer works for me. They dont even bother to read my tickets on this issue at all.

Please fix and stop asking players to fix it- we cant, its entirely on blizzards side of the fence to fix. Forcing players to click report which clearly for last 5 years is proven non working as even today thousands of botters continually flood our game time.

The real reason blizzard doesnt ban the botters / scammers is due to it keeps their players numbers higher for the stock holders to show they still maintain a high player base for their games. They are just shown total numbers, they dont show the stakeholders oh millions of these accounts are just scam botter accounts. Thats not told in shareholder meetings. They just get fed a total numbers of players.

This is the True Fact of where they get money from from investors / lenders. This is why botters and such will never get banned from the game. They cant chop out many millions of players out of the game even though they are not real players at all, or else they would loose billions in investment funds.

Im the one person telling the real truth here in the world this is the real answer right here. Watch how fast this message gets blocked by blizzard for speaking the real truth.

It was really nice for the couple days the boosters thought they couldn’t endlessly spam the LFG channel. It actually felt like an mmo.


They’d have to read this forum first.

then you’d be complaining about no people play with like what’s going on with SoM

Yeah, this seems really hard to determine easily.

and leading to a lot of false positives. I’ve had my alts boosted and since I don’t have to tank,dps or heal them I’ve had lots of fun interactions with players. It is a community unto itself and it’s enjoyable to learn how to boost yourself too.

I found this to be the most rewarding part of the game play lol. Not raiding. But this. The only fun part of raiding i liked was pre-nerf Vashj and KT. After everything else just fell over even going in with well under 25 people, I decided to figure out all the boosts as a female undead this time lol. It’s like rolling dice.

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They are.

Blizzard already clarified that the in game carry / boost for gold IS allowed.

What isn’t allowed and what blizzard is targeting is “organizations” across multiple servers and using low level characters spamming their announcements AND being used as escrows.

That is not the case of WoW classic.

You just necro’ed a thread you could just get your answers by reading the existing material / blue posts around it.

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You Just dont play the game then, because the boosters in the LFG that spam it 24/7 are not asking for gold - Get real, they sell thier 3rd party web site boostings for CASH !!! =

Log into the game and see the names of those boosters and their web sites that sell the services for “CASH” Not gold. Ive rarely seen a booster in LFG trying to do so for actual gold. 99.9999 % of them are 3rd party cash / scammer sellers nothing more or less then that.

Learn to be truthfull vs defending something you know nothing about obviously. Gold boosting is ok.

So lets go prove it group up with me in game some time and we can review the LFG cash boosters you can count right - we will see how many listed for cash / 3rd party web site referal for cash services, or how many you find that are doing it for gold. Lets see who wins

Just in the last 10 minutes i found 15 for cash - zero for gold boosters spamming LFG breaking the above rules ?

Thats just the quick look in LFG i did while writing this up, this is non stop they do. Add that up to a 24 hour day / week / months and years this has been going on, the number is just stupid insane the amount of lack of effort blizzard takes towards upkeep of their own rules.

All of this is because of the above post - they need to maintain high player base count for investors / shareholders. Those folks dont play the game they just get fed a total number of players, not broken down between legit / botter-scammers in the player totals count.

The millions of botters would wreck their entire game if they banned that many, all the investors would cry and the stock price plumet fast. This is the only reason they allow those accounts to continue. They cant delete millions of more accounts when thier game is already suffering in the last year. Thats how companies today work, they dont care about the customers any more. They just add bots to boost fake numbers for investment purposes, their is no way to verify that as well, so corporations can claim any numbers they like with no actual proof its real legit non rule breaking accounts players. They had millions of players, so no way for anyone esle to tell any more outside of the top brass. Reg even upper management employees dont have access to that info.

I do play the game.

I don’t see what you are seeing. Which server? Faction? Be more precise.

You are posting a wall of text that is not even tied to any factual information.
Stop posting for a second.
Be more assertive.

Where are you seeing this spam? On retail? You’re posting in the wrong forum.

Are you seeing this on TBC?

On TBC we use discord mostly to organize groups. Faerlina and Benediction have their respective discord servers. There is also a pug hub for Faerlina GDKPs/Pug runs where players do organize themselves with groups and runs.

There is no acceptance nor is it allowed to pay anything with real cash.
Gold is the only currency and RMT is disallowed.

Boosting IS NOT against EULA.
Any guild or friends can sell carries / boosts. What is disallowed are cross-realm organizations using low level characters as escrows / advertisement.

Try to read the existing blue posts instead of spamming the forums.

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