Blood Elf Customization Thread (Glory of the Sin'dorei)

I feel like I must be one of the few who would love to get some hairstyles from Night Elves. I just love the leaves, flowers, braids and flowy hair.


Honestly looks like they didn’t even bother with the lower half of the set. The legs look like starter gear. The belt doesn’t function properly with most other sets. The boots are just so slim compared to the very chunky heavy top half of the set (can use Venthyr Korthia boots as a replacement, thankfully). The 3D assets on the chest ruin tabards.

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Problem with this is that some genius dev pasted over the dark ranger skin to the void elves, which legitimized their demands for ancillary Darkfallen options in the event we get them first. Despite “dark ranger” being a concept unique to the Horde’s elves since 2004 and the hero class of its literal Warchief. Go figure.

Light, fel, and “snooty, regal aristocrat” are probably the only themes blood elves can retain a monopoly on. Even Farstrider and Magister options (war paint, rune tattoos, etc.) are cross-faction bait considering the void elves are headed up by a Farstrider and a Magister.


I am starting to think, Blood Elves might get Fel Elves added to their ranks.

We Draenei are getting our Red Man’ari counterparts.

I imagine, if Orcs get Fel Orcs, they’d have no choice with Fel Elves, too.

Also, we can be Undead Elves, so the precedent for alternatives is there.


I wouldn’t mind fel elves, but I really want san’layn options the most


I know it differs from person to person. Like when the helf options came for blood elves and void elves some people still wanted helves and I think you can depending on your faction preference have that now under Blood Elves or VEs, but for me I really see them as already being there because they expanded the meaning of Darkfallen to include dark rangers, which basically means what ever options that can be San’layn I see as possibly being more shared options.

Light and or Fel would be more unique to blood elves imo.


The argument for san’layn being shared with the void elves could be explained away though, as no san’layn were living in silvermoon when they separated.

There is no current lore stating they can at will add more void elves as far as I know. A quest could solve that, sure, but if it’s a quest for blood elves accepting them back it would work better.


That’s fair and I respect your stance.

I just think Light and Fel atp are set up as better exclusive/unique possibilities. To offset Void Elves unique options.


Fel i could see going either way as its not really a feature of either race as such.
Its a part of their shared elven history and blood elves retain it in their eye colour but thats said to be something that fades over time and eye customisation shows for some its already happened.

But one thing that blood elves and void elves do not, and will never have in common, is their void and light relationship.

The light will forever remain on the blood elves and exclusive to the blood elves.
And the void will remain to the void elves.

Imo if you want a cemented uniqueness, its got to be light options for blood elves.

(And then void elves will get paladins and start being all about the light too… god i dread that day)

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Even when paladins are shared w classes coming to all races I don’t think it’s a problem. Blood Elves have their Sunwell and a specific culture focused on the light, I feel like VE paladins won’t look to the same Sunwell or have the same outlook as far as emphasis on the light of Sunwell.

So light options themselves still feel more exclusive to blood elves.


Especially the male ones.

Case in point.

The males are in the bottom third of available customization.

They did not get any of the jewelry options females got, nor many new features in the Shadowlands pass.

Unless it’s an ethnicity option that everyone should have, I do not see that happening.

Pluss this poster made a good point.


And the timing of having just gotten Eredar options makes me strongly think we are getting Felblood Elves.

I think Man’ari where being made the same time as Felblood but Man’ari where already more polished compared to Felblood so they got added early.

This is also a possibility.

I don’t think any of those should be exactly the same, but they can be similar with a twist.

Like, if Void Elves got the Blood Elf tiara but instead of a gem it’s an eyeball or black hole or something.

Color locking is not something that should be a thing IMO

I agree, I dislike the Lightforged Elves concept that keeps going around.

I would rather have Felblood/San’layn and get closer to the classical Blood Elf then the pointy eared Humans they became.

The Felblood are some of the first and most hardcore Blood Elves/Followers of Kael’thas. The had the biggest grudge against Garithos and thus the Alliance. (Same with San’layn)

There’s literally no connection between them and Void Elves that could make sense.

*Looks at the recent Tyre Paladin developments *


I would not be surprised TBH since the Night Elves literally just got a tattoo rework as their pass.

And they new ones replaced the old ones and look like crap… But that’s another rant.

So low end, Jewelry/Hair colors, High end, Felblood and/or San’layn would be a good estimation.


Isnt colour locking the same thing as this though? :stuck_out_tongue:

Should they bring them in to the fold sure.
But thats the only way to make blood elves have fel again really.
Not against it at all. I was just looking at the race we have now and not at other groups of them we left behind.

Yeah… :frowning:

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Blood elves need more hair physics.


That would be a different model.

Well that’s the main way they seem to be going with extreme variations so far.

Wildhammer/Sand Troll/Man’ari/High Elves/Darkfallen.

Plus the timing on Man’ari options is WAY too cauencadental to me.

They had to be working on both but Man’ari got done early since they don’t have extra parts like horns/claws/wings.

This too.


This definitely crosses my mind along with the San’layn who survived the 4th War that were trying to join under Drevan’s leadership.

Either could be used in a similar Man’ari setup.

While we had no further sightings of them there are several San’layn that served under Drevan who are still alive after the Alliance destroys their boat.

Technically the San’layn are (kinda) already in the Horde. :stuck_out_tongue:

One could make the argument that a faction of the San’layn lorewise would be able to be in the Horde while the VE’s allow player choice if you want your San’layn/Darkfallen to be Alliance.

Theres also no lore showing or stating that the Void Elves have any dark rangers among their ranks.

Also it should be noted that Darkfallen while it was expanded in the Sylvanas book, the San’layn would not come to be at that point in the story for several more years. San’layn were not technically included among the Darkfallen at that time.

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Yet it could be argued that since there could have been some darkfallen in Silvermoon that embraced the void when it happened. It’s clear that there were no San’layn around then

Plus the timing with the Man’ari is too coincidental IMO.

It would make sense to have Man’ari be worked on at the same time as Felblood, but since they are a more simple reskin they could have got added first.

Most likely case is that they are Alliance Elves who got raised with Arthas but even that’s a stretch.

I would like to point out that the San’layn where the exact sime group of Elves in WC3 that where going to get executed in Dalaran with Kael’thas and would likely have a deep hatred of Alliance. And where a group highly devoted to QT/Silvermoon.

So it would make a lot more sense for them do go Horde.


If we get light exclusive options I’m imagining them being really just iconic tattoos, and light themed markings maybe even a quest to show something like some ritual w the Sunwell.

If they repurpose void elf tentacles for light hair options, it would also feel a bit better imo in terms of finally feeling like the sharing went both ways at different times instead of just blood elves sharing one way.

I hope for tattoos for both races even if this post is about blood elves in the blood elf thread but light tattoos being a blood elf exclusive would fit a void elf themed void tattoo for them when they get options.


For the record, I don’t want a bunch of hardcore vampiric or demonic options out of nowhere. Either show us the san’layn/felblood elves integrating into blood elf society (as the upcoming Velen quest is set to do for the eredar) or stick to customization options that make sense, like Farstrider tats or arcane runes or Sunwell-given blessings. As it stands, the blood elves’ only interactions with these groups involve killing them; the lore should reflect a change in that if they’re to be realized through character customization.

The san’layn in particular are so far divorced from blood elf themes and aesthetics that they could and should carry their own race, but Darkfallen fans in these parts seem more willing to compromise on that issue than I am, even if it means a massive decay in uniqueness.


I’m a fan of Darkfallen I just feel like we already have them to the degree that player agency allows them and that any continued development for those options (expanding customization for them) blizzard being blizzard views those are part of the shared themes between BEs and VEs, and I’m currently interested in expanding exclusive themes like light options or Fel possibly.