Blonde or Brunette, what will your Void Elf use?

All of your ridiculous arguments are negated by the fact that Alleria is the leader of the void elves and looks the way she does.

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a-are … are you being serious? Please tell me you’re just trolling.

Magister Umbric is the leader of the void elves. This is stated WORD FOR WORD on every wiki and piece of WOW literature.

oh … my … god. And this is exactly why players have a problem with you casuals defending this abhorrent game; YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT

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Not really, no.

Mag’har isn’t a race given to the alliance. It’s also a race given most likely because Blizz couldn’t figure out a way to give regular orcs various skin colors without changing lore.

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While I disagree that the game is abhorrent, I’d also like to step in and remind you that there are casuals who think Sylvanas is/was the leader of the blood elves.

You may laugh now.

No. Magister Umbric was rescued by Alleria, who was the first high elf to embrace the void.

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can someone please tell me how you handle denial of this caliber, because i give up on this community.

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Have a nice day.

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yeah exactly

go enjoy your safe little bubble where you just make stuff up to justify bad decisions.

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You’re leaving out the fact that Alleria also became a void elf in a completely different way than the rest of the void elves did.

I never wanted to use the natural skin colors on my Void Elf, and I won’t use the hair either.

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Yes, she did. She learned how to control it. Without her methods, Umbric’s people would have been lost.

It’s really funny to see so much Horde ax-grinding in this thread. Really, you pretty much own this game and the devs, and yet you’re so fragile that you can’t stand void elves looking like blood elves.

You know what they say about assuming, right?

I’m posting on a horde character, but I happily play both factions - including a void elf, because adore the lore you’re absolutely twisting.

EDIT: Them looking like blood elves isn’t my problem. My problem is them LOOKING like blood elves and losing what made them unique as a void elf. What a way to twist things.


Coal black hopefully


I’m hoping for blonde and orange . . . I mean if what the devs said a while ago still holds then EVERYONE is getting black so I got characters who can use all three of those

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You realize regardless of their skin and hair color their racial literally turns them purple when it procs right?

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My post wasn’t directed necessarily at you.

I’m thinking a lot of these Horde need to play through the void elf starting quests again. I can’t post links but Wowpedia does have a good summary.

And they are still unique! Void elves still get the little purple puff ability, and they still turn dark purple sometimes in combat – those are things that definitely make them unique.

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That doesn’t make them unique. At all. It’s an ability. It happens when you play. Appearance wise, the way they look consistently is what makes them unique. But hey, you’re entitled to your opinion. /shrug

No other race does that so yes by all measures it makes them unique

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Every race has a racial that is unique to them. We’re not talking racials, we’re talking appearance.

High Elves should also have golden eyes.

The pandaren makes an exception, not the rule.
And they were a mistake regardless, as noted by being the only race to be a race for both factions.