Blizzard...why are you so bad at community relations?

Don’t let the door hit ya if you’re quitting. Enough with the whining. This is a 15 year old game. All we did back then was raid log, farm gold, lvl alts, profession, pvp, and do dungeons back then waiting for content too. Don’t need a blue post telling us soon, don’t need posts every other freaking day like it’s a new game… just play, wait, or quit.

Ooooooh, a retail toon. Kindly disregard his comment. :wink: And this one.

I do agree. These forums with this multiple avatar system are set up for trolls. It’s like they were designed by a troll.
The community policing itself with the automated moderation contributes to it as well.
I gave up. it’s not going to change. Blizz wants it like this. It won’t change until the wow IP is no longer profitable.
While the game has lost subs it’s still no where near losing money. Hell if they continue this legacy project and do stand alone TBC wrath they can stretch this out for a few more years.

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Let’s all post in the WoW General forums, maybe then we can get some attention.

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Yeah. Look they have blues just chillin over there. This wasn’t even a food or puppy thread. :rofl:

Will we ever see the blue's portraits again?

Bye retail kiddie.

clearly more mature than you lol.

your blood is boiling over the fact the game isnt tailor made for you specifically

Weekly or bi weekly updates would be a horrible idea.

Saying something and being wrong or changing your mind is infinitely worse than saying nothing at all.

You’re right… my blood is boiling! I’m so angry. :crazy_face:

If one plays Classic WoW, why wouldn’t you want more updates? I’m curious.


The forum community is the reason we can’t have nice things.

They have absolutely no reason to be good at it. Many gamers don’t ever bother to track down forums so they only have to deal with a subset of their subscribers. Most of those seem to just loiter and rarely speak up. That leaves a loud minority that complains ceaselessly while continuing to subscribe and basically buy everything Blizz throws at them.
So if you are Blizz, what possible motivation do you have to give a badgers bunghole what is whined and moaned about on forums like these? They know you will keep playing so all they have to do is provide you an echo chamber to rant in and just keep doing what they please, all the while cashing those checks week in and week out.

Well said.

The forum is literally available to each and every player, and every non player with a browser and internet access.

True. But reddit and twitter reach infinitely more people. So if you are blizzard and want to talk with players, those are better options.


You know what else reaches each and every player? Email.
More players use email than use redit, twitch, twitter, etc.

Yup, it’s way more common for devs and publishers to use those platforms these days. Many don’t even host their own forums anymore. It makes sense. They don’t have to put the work into stuff like moderating the forums, they can use incentives to ensure the people running the communities do it the way they want, and they reach infinitely more people. It also saves money on infrastructure. It’s a pretty sensible business decision and given the small number of people that typically visit official forums in any capacity, the few downsides that exist with such an approach impact far fewer people.

For how many so called ‘whiners’ lurk this forum, I see what seems to be about the same amount of the opposite which instead whine about them. That would be most of the posters in this topic, from what I can tell. :smile:

Well yes, so the forums are indeed full of whiners. Trying to confuse us by arguing our side. :clap:

More so pointing out your hypocrisy. :cowboy_hat_face: