Blizzard's Inaction on Server Populations is Unacceptable

Blizzard took action. At multiple times during classic they restricted xfer onto certain high pop realms, and they offered free xfers to certain low pop realms. No one took them up on the offer to fix these realm populations. They’d just wait until blizzard removed the restriction of xferring onto the mega servers and then they’d transfer there themselves.

Just because blizzard didn’t do what you personally wanted them to do, doesn’t mean they didn’t do anything.


They also added queues, layers, boosts, and HVH. Take the blinders off - let us not ignore the fact that blizzard made choices that 100% facilitated this situation after their minor little change didn’t fix things


Same here on Kirtonos. An Alliance is a Unicorn on our PvP server. Content is only available within guild as no one else is available most of the time, and the economy is broken. Guilds are xferring off as the snowball effect takes hold. Please, just merge, we dont care about name issues, we want to see the opposing faction, we want others to play with.


isn’t it beautiful


Source for new realms? Or do you mean the SoM bs?

Oh yeah, that thing…I don’t have high hopes for it

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Blizzard did take action. in Classic… and it did fix things. When they closed the paid server transfers and new character creations on high pop realms SO THEY COULD REMOVE LAYERS it stabilized the realms and the majority of Classic realms stayed healthy to the end, even with the ebb and flow of Classic raiding etc.

I’m now convinced that if Blizzard embraced the layers back then like they do now we would have already had the dumpster fire back in Classic that’s going on today. Most of this problem is on Blizzard.

Also i took a free transfer from Herod to Earthfury 3 weeks after Classics release (and I have never once and still do not regret that choice), as did many people I knew… and many people in general took free transfers to Earthfury which populated it anyway. So every time I hear somebody say “nobody took the transfers” I have to correct them… because that statement is wrong.


Those old transfers actually caused imbalances because they were never shut off even after it was well past tipping the server

I unsubbed due to people leaving my server in droves. If I still had people to play with, I would still have a subscription.

So i’d say yes, in some cases, people would not quit, if there were enough people to still play with.


Well Blizz is dealing with a lawsuit claiming they’re unethical. This sort of decision making does fit the profile don’t you think?


I’m at the beyond disappointed stage now. My server - which is already tiny - is losing two guilds this week to server transfers.

They’re great people, too. So not only are we losing two raid guilds we’re losing quality community members that help make the server what it is.

It sucks.


It does suck about your server too. :frowning:

I’m assuming you’re talking about Deviate Delight and I heard the best things about the server community there during the Classic days anyway. So watching another great community die is not good.

Earthfury alliance is now losing most of the hold-out guilds now. The majority don’t want to leave but it’s getting to that point where they are. It’s also become pretty apparent horde side and the horde are getting very complacent in the world with the new almost PVE server status. All of this sucks for so many servers and I have nothing positive about any of it to say.


Yeah, DD is what I’m talking about. The community was absolutely amazing. But yeah, people just can’t recruit. When someone quits there’s just no one to recruit.

I’m just stubborn and won’t give blizzard the money for something they created. I heard EF was losing alliance, I don’t blame them. Being on a lopsided PVP server sucks. DD is “ally dominated” I literally won’t attack anyone because we’re so scuffed as it is. I just want to let the horde do their thing in peace.


I’d love to see how the holdouts spend their day? 5 players?!

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There is almost never any evidence about anything in WoW because Blizzard never releases any information about their game. All we can do is make guesses based on anecdotal information, our understand of the game, and our understanding of human nature.


Why do you defend Blizzard so hard on this? Do you take pleasure in seeing people have problems or what?

Someone asked me if you were a known shill on the forums and I don’t think so but I can see why they asked.

Anyway, I already informed the OP that your type would be in the thread.


I’m not defending Blizzard at all.


A known shill? Sounds like quite the world you live in.

LoL. Nice attempt at tribalism.

Anyway, we knew what we were signing up for. Transfers are available, and so is rolling on other servers.

If people play WoW just to feed their own resentment and anger, that’s their prerogative. It is also the prerogative of my type; the type that solves their own problems, to point out that you can enjoy yourself and the game if you choose to.


Servers have always been an issue for Blizzard right back from the release of vanilla in retail…

They have never made any effort to fix it once and for all. All we get are more realm connections and cross realm stuff… which no doubt they will bring to classic i can just see it happening.

For some reason on both EU and US (English) on Retail there have always been way more servers than needed we don’t need 100 servers… we dont need 100 in classic and 100 in retail.

I really really wish they would sort this out because it makes it so bad for me personally and i am loosing faith with it.