Blizzard's Inaction on Server Populations is Unacceptable

Unacceptable, but somehow not surprising.

Here on Kromcrush, a PVP server, we have gone multiple billing cycles with >99% Horde population. This is totally contrary to the gameplay expected of a PVP server, and Blizzard has offered no remedy or solution of any kind. PVP and PVE guilds have transferred off by the dozen, and it is no longer possible to recruit new players, and many guilds are struggling to field full raids.

There are multiple servers in this situation, with rapidly dwindling populations, that could be merged or offered free or discounted transfers.

From a customer service standpoint, it is simply unacceptable to expect thousands of players to fork over $25 for a $0 service, so they can continue to play the game they invested hundreds of hours in, and many months of subscription fees, just so they can find enough players to field a full raid.

We are requesting immediate free server transfers off all servers with less than 5000 active players per faction, or a reasonable merging of servers to resolve these widespread issues with TBC Classic server populations.

Failure to do so will result in massive sub cancellations, far outweighing any transfer fees, and leave a sour taste for everyone that still wants to play this game and support Blizzard products in general. This should be a very simple business and customer service decision.

If you’re still reading, you need to fund and support Starcraft 1 and 2. This level of negligence of an iconic IP and e-sport is baffling, and represents this continued pattern of cheapness and mishandling of Blizzard’s extremely valuable IPs. These decisions look almost as dumb as offering Icefrog a hundred grand to make Dota 2.

We all know how that turned out, but did you guys learn from it? Sometimes I wonder.

Thank you.


It is unethical for Blizzard to create problems and then sell us solutions.

For example:
It is a well known fact that base expacs are released with broken systems and then blizzard sells the solution to people who resub at a X.2 or X.3 major patch.

Ethically bankrupt. Totally different than them also to be morally bankrupt with their never ending sex crimes.


I agree with you completely, and have already unsubbed and provided nearly the same exact feedback.

One thing to note though, when you say Less than 5,000 active players. My server shows less than 5,000 recently as per Which is what the majority of us use to review server populations. This site only tracks PvP and Raid activity, and only that of which is logged. There may be active players that are not part of that logging. So what Blizz sees, and what we see will be different. Consider as well, Bots count as active players. Though they may not be in the 1,000’s, they account towards the number all the same.

Just food for thought.


You and many others agree. Look at the population update this week as compared to last - ~60k less logs. Not an accurate representation as not all quit or even un subbed, but if the trend continues and a bunch of subs expire in November then there will be no one left to play with anyways


Blizzard allows ppl to pay to transfer. That breaks the realm.

Ppl who remain behind are the forced to pay to transfer to an unbroken realm.

Why are transfers a paid service?

End subscription costs while we’re at it.

Blizzard’s business model is a mess.


So long as Bobby K. is bringing in 8-digits annually, everything is fine. Without the leadership of Bobby K., Activision-Blizzard would implode and all its intellectual property would be mass-deleted from all of reality, forever.


Agreed, and I agree with your post in general.

Welcome to the forums.

The primary reason these things happened is because #1 Unendering layers were permitted on servers so people began to stack on servers with their faction because #2 People have transferred to “Safe bet” servers and have had to pay again. So they are trying to protect themselves from having to pay a third or fourth time.

As for the faction imbalance yes every server is turning PVE and yes when one side leaves the other often does later. I’ve been trying to tell my horde guildies this.

This has been talked about and discussed on these forums and in many other places.

Expect your thread to have feedback from one or all of the following: Blizzard fanboys or shills who support everything Blizzard does and blame the players only, people calling you poor for thinking the way Blizzard has acted is wrong, people trying to be supportive but coming off looking more callous. The majority of these people are sitting on mega servers, prefer PVE mega servers, and do not understand why anyone else would not want to pay to join them.

Good luck to you in whatever comes next.


those were the bots they banned

To be fair, my server ISN’T 99% horde and it’s still hard for many guilds to fill raids, many of the larger guilds are going in with 22-23 people and it’s been rough, the game in general is dying and the guild recruit spams that never change reflect that.


Is there any evidence that player attrition rates would be less if they merged low population servers with each other? I haven’t seen any.

That’s because you ignore every post where people talk about how they are quitting over this and ignore every response to your posts too.


Hahaha! I figured it would be more in that case lmao

It always has been. Blizzard has never handled server health well. Paid transfers is not effective, most would soon quit.


You are beating a dead horse here mate

Blizzard has barely done anything to manage server pops since the start of Classic when they had some free transfers to lower pop realms.


What’s insulting is that they are now planning to make MORE realms, as if there’s already not enough empty ones to go around. Worry about merging these up first, eh? Or close the smallest ones and give free transfers to people on them so they can pool in with the rest of us.

Blizzard continues to leave suffering players while not commenting about it what so ever, then they post a new update about their seasonal realms. DO NOT PLAY ON THOSE REALMS.


Blizzard took action. At multiple times during classic they restricted xfer onto certain high pop realms, and they offered free xfers to certain low pop realms. No one took them up on the offer to fix these realm populations. They’d just wait until blizzard removed the restriction of xferring onto the mega servers and then they’d transfer there themselves.

Just because blizzard didn’t do what you personally wanted them to do, doesn’t mean they didn’t do anything.


They also added queues, layers, boosts, and HVH. Take the blinders off - let us not ignore the fact that blizzard made choices that 100% facilitated this situation after their minor little change didn’t fix things


Same here on Kirtonos. An Alliance is a Unicorn on our PvP server. Content is only available within guild as no one else is available most of the time, and the economy is broken. Guilds are xferring off as the snowball effect takes hold. Please, just merge, we dont care about name issues, we want to see the opposing faction, we want others to play with.


isn’t it beautiful


Source for new realms? Or do you mean the SoM bs?