Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

I think that is their plan for the future they said. But I think right now it’s more of a test for the expansion to see how well it’s received.

The solution should have been obvious, but somehow Blizzard still manages to mess it up. Make Dragon Riding work in the old world. That way everyone can go fast, don’t nerf the ability, Blizzard. Jesus Christ, dudes. When will you learn, man?


If you had a bad time in Thorghast, this should be a hill to die on. Blizzard is advertising a fun mechanic on the Alpha, giving it to content creator to create content around and alter it/nerf it before it get live to the point it’s not even the shadow of what it was in Alpha.


Okay I’ll bite, Yes it’s still going be exciting FOR ME because I haven’t been in a NASCAR racer before, since I have zero reference to what 200 MPH would be like going 60 MPH in a NASCAR to me sounds like a good time since I have never been in one before. Then if I want to go 200 MPH I will go to the big leagues Cup Series aka the Dragon Isles

They’ll probably increase the cooldown next. Honestly, I probably won’t ever bother using Soar if they decide to make it a 10 minute cooldown or some such garbage.

It’s not even good right now. It’s not Dragon Riding. It’s just gliding.

To get this ‘advantage’ aspect they’re even attempting to argue, you need to launch yourself at a high area.


Oh please youre not arguing in good faith ffs

I love how people wanted changes in the opposite direction, but Blizzard interpreted it as nerfs instead.

Gotta admit, Dracthyr flying just became that little bit less appealing to me as of this change.


I kinda get it actually. 940% speed is powerful enough of a boon that it might push a lot of players who’d otherwise not have interest in Drac’thyr/Evokers to reroll, and they’re probably trying to keep the long-term evoker population from ballooning and overshadowing the other classes too much.

So what though? It’s not Dragon Riding. It’s just gliding. It’s a silly side thing to do maybe once or twice for most folks.

And again, if this was truly the concern then just give folks the same functionality with their Dragons while outside the Isles.


Clearly the devs think it’s something that will get a lot of usage.

Okay buddy, and you are. Please tell me what your experiences have been on Alpha so far. I’m telling you from my own experience and why I’m still excited to try out soar despite it being nerf. I’m still getting point A to point B faster then a flying mount so it doesn’t bother me one bit.

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Yeah you sure will every other 5 mins :yawning_face:

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Maybe for the first week, but folks are going to be busy in the Dragon Isles more then anything. And Soar does not have Dragon Riding functionality so it won’t be used at all in the Isles vs. using your Dragon.

People are still going to use Portals more then anything else. It’s the superior method of transportation and you aren’t going to use Soar to farm old herbs/minerals.


I mean, is it really?

It’s not useable in any relevant content, and it has a significant cooldown.


That’s again still faster then a flying mount. Which is a welcome in my eyes.

They’re backsliding. Giving in to their worst impulses.


No its not.

Flying mount = 3 minute ride
Nerfed soar with ridiculous CD = 2 minute GLIDE + 5 minute CD


I’m starting to think folks are grossly misinformed about the functionalities of Soar.


You’re allowing your dislike of streamers to warp your perception of reality.

Let’s leave anyone else’s opinion out of it for the minute. Never mind the fact that you stand alone on this position, it’s irrelevant for this argument

It’s a lot slower than regular dragon riding. So you’ll never use it in Dragonflight content.

You’d never use it old world anyway because of all the portals everywhere and the huge cooldown.

So where would you use it now? Never. It has no case where it’s even a comparable option.

What people want: they want to be able to fly as a dragon.

What people had: the ability to fly as a dragon, but on a stupid cooldown.

What people have now: The option to fly slower for RP reasons, still on a stupid cooldown.