Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

Are you being purposely obtuse to their argument/concern?


I’m being 100% serious. Because apparently people doesn’t know how Alpha testing works.

Dude…I don’t even know how to respond to this.


Your not answering my questions. I’ll repeat myself How is it any-less fun for you if you haven’t tried it yet? Yes we all seen streamer man, and content man go zoom zoom very fast. But you the individual, know is not going to be just as fun when you try post-nerf soar?

Alpha testing and things being subject to change has nothing to do with what folks are even talking about.


People asked for a cd reduction because the ability literally harms nothing in the game.

Instead they do the polar opposite of what was asked and worse left the cd the same.

The only people soar effects are whiny children mad about some class being able to move a tad faster than them.


You are still not answering my question man. This is why I believe this is fake outrage.


  1. I don’t need to personally experience it myself to know that Less Speed = Less Fun.

  2. The actual speed of Soar is completely secondary to the fact that Blizzard completely ignored the feedback given to them, and instead basically went in the opposite direction.


And I believe you’re here just for bad faith arguments. So I’m moving on.

Not to mention their reasoning is complete hogwash.


I’m not this is a bad faith post, because you people aren’t in Alpha and have zero reference to speed increase or decrease. You will still get to point A and B twice as fast then a flying mount in old world content. If blizzard didn’t say anything about this change you people wouldn’t know about it, until streamer man and content man made a video about it.

Pretty par for the course

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That’s exacly the issue, thanx for explaining it clearly

It’s the whole void elf fiasco all over again


unless they give soar to everyone or let everyone use their dragon riding outside DF, it was bound to happen. probably needs more nerfs actually :wink:

Now that you mention it, that SHOULD have been shut down years ago.
But whatever.

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it seems we have found a sealion in their natural habitat.

Just like Blizzard’s reasoning.

How does being able to traverse old continents faster than other classes diminish flying?

Flying is already boring and has been that way since BC.

They kind of resolved this by giving folks that god awful robot flying mount thing. So effectively giving them the benefit of Flightform…except it’s a bit better because I believe you can mine while on the mount as well.

The solution to their stupid argument is to just give folks dragon riding in Azeroth. Let folks have fun and do silly flying things together.


I does not matter if the Soar was 2000% speed. I could get any place faster with the 20 portals I have in my bags to take me almost any place in the game and im not even an engineer.
I also could not care less if for w/e reason im flying down from moonglade to Silithis and a Dracthyr made it there first. What is he going to kill the random spider mob and im going to miss out before I get there? More then likely im going to get into a different phase anyways.
Is the Dracthyr in my group and gets to the M+ dungeon before me? well I guess he gets to summon my butt and I can go AFK to make a drink till that happens.

There is nothing giving a Dracthyr a significant advantage over other players leaving Soar alone or even removing the dumb 5 min CD. If there was then my 20 portals in my bags would also have to be greatly nerfed or removed.


I don’t understand why they can’t just import the dragon riding drakes to the rest of the game world. It might not be designed specifically for dragon riding but it is still a better compromise than what they did


I’ve seen it. I’ve gotten excited for the speed. I’ve loved seeing all the crazy races and routes people have played with. I was eager to do the very same thing.

Now, though, I know it’s going to be slower. I know it won’t be as fast. I feel as if something has been taken from me, even though I never “experienced it” myself.

Picture this, if you don’t mind another analogy:

You’re watching NASCAR, and the racers are zooming around at 200mph or some crazy speed, you can hear the roaring engines, you can see the safety fence shaking from the air displacement as the cars rush by at top speed.

That’s pretty fun. That’s exciting.

The next race, though, they decide that 200mph is too fast, so they limit racers to going 60 mph, which is the speed limit for a lot of ordinary daily drivers on the highway.

It’s still a cool car, it’s still a race, but it’s going a lot slower.

Do you really think it’s going to be as exciting as it was before? It doesn’t matter if you’ve ‘experienced it’ or not. You must know, on some implicit level, that reducing the speed of a race car is going to make that race car less fun to drive.