Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

Everything needs to become a gray homogenous paste so its ‘fair’. Unless its those LFR punks; screw those guys.


blizzard is hopeless for sure

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It was a fun racial. People just simply liked it. And no one was complaining about it and Blizzard went and nerf it for no apparent reason.


And worst of all, ever since they nerfed it a lot of fanboys suddenly appeared justifying this nonsensical nerf, when they didn’t even care about Soar until then.


Rubbish - certainly did care, but assumed it would be toned down (which it was).

It’s only nearly double the speed now! oh noes! what a slap in the face!

It is not but you never care to accept it! Wow!


So it’s overpowered in content that is… no longer progression content?

The term overpowered only really matters in content where there’s actually a gameplay progression loop occurring. It doesn’t matter whatsoever in content that has absolutely zero bearing on the current progression loop.

So my response to it being too powerful in old content is: Who freaking cares…

The ONLY thing that should matter in that content is: How can we make this place as fun as possible? Soar certainly checked that box. Nerfing it is directly nerfing fun.

This reminds me of people using goblin gliders in ICC to bypass bosses to get to sindragosa faster. If they did something similar when ICC was current… I’d expect an immediate patch and possibly punishment to the players abusing the bug. That makes perfect sense… but 2 expacs later when ICC was no longer current? WHO CARES. Blizzard certainly didn’t, as they left it in for another 2-3 expacs…


I ran out of likes so



Good morning Blizz, have your coffee and read the feedback. You made a stupid choice and literally everyone hates it. Fix it.

Prove you actually care about our feedback this time or we’re all forced to draw the conclusion that Dragonflight will be more of the same.

If you want to restore our faith in you, follow the feedback. Our response could not be more overwhelming and clear.


I don’t think you know what literally everyone means.

Sorry, everyone but this 1 troll here who spent the weekend screaming at people in every single thread.


They said that they might be able to farm transmog too quickly when it’s a mail class and mail is the worst class in the game lmao what terrible reasoning blizz pls what are you doing

oh yea and if you play dracthyr because you can fly across broken isles like a minute faster then what are you doing like really? who plays a class because it has a faster flying ability in just the open world? ive never heard of such a thing


Stuff like this is exactly the nonsense that earns you ire and exhaustion from your playerbase. WHY? What is the point of this? If your reasoning is that it’s “unfair” to other races, the answer is to make dragon riding available in the entire game. Make the fun available to everyone, don’t take it away from some. (Which you clearly can, as evidenced by Soar. Instead, you’re keeping it locked away so you can release it as “content” later on. If this is not the case, please explain, including why Soar works but Riding wouldn’t.)


To make no mention of the fact that the transmogs wont show up in dragon/combat form, only visage.


This change will also reduce my excitement for the new race and expansion by approximately 60%.

  • Soar is a 5 minute CD
  • Soar requires momentum to go fast. You don’t just jump off the ground and hit 900%
  • Dracthyr only have transmog visible in their humanoid form
  • Pet Battles are instanced
  • Dracthyr start at 58 so they’re essentially out of Chromies Time
  • Soar is a not efficent at all and using your standard flying mount for gathering nodes is still king.
  • The 2 minutes you save by jumping off Mt Hyjal to glide to Duskwallow vs. afk flying there is invalid when it takes you 1 second to find a mage.

Your nerf excuses aren’t good reasons and folks see through you Blizzard.


Just crickets and radio silence. Who expected any different.


They won’t do anything about it as they won’t
Listen. Do u actually believe they read the forums? If they did all raves would have gotten the customizations fans wanted.

Speaking of customizations. Remember when they said they were excited to throw out more for SLs and the ones they threw at us was positivity received, only for them to backtrack later about how they don’t have plans to add more in SLs?

Sure would be a shame for them to backtrack further with positive feedback.


also, when jumping off of Hyjal , you still have the world ceiling to deal with, so even making it to dustwallow is questionable. I saw a vid of Bellular trying to glide from Hyjal to Silithus and he got as far as mulgore before he ran out of speed and landed because the altitude gained from hyjal was lost immediately to the world ceiling in ashenvale.