Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

Either theyll revert and prove theyve actually learned a lesson or they wont and youll end up with another trash expansion that theyve sucked all the fun out of

Has anyone even given a good reason flying really fast is OP and broken other than “because my class can’t” or “because it is” I’m not sure how traversing the old world and fast speeds is a problem at all. Even if blizz puts new content in the old world, why does it matter if they can get a quest done faster? There is no bonus for completion time…

not to mention You don’t get 900% speed using Soar immediately, and it is a 5min CD

soar can only be used once every 5min and fly on one continent

someone on a steady 310% speed mount or taking portals or any other way of transportation can catch up in that time very easily which i feel make’s the argument irrelevant

soar is on a 5min CD
to gain great distance you need to be up/at a high peak to even reach such a greater speed lol
and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying.
and doesn’t have any of the recharge abilities the dragon riding has

P.S. why would you ever want to use Soar over Dragon Riding in Dragon isles FUN GONE!!!

Dragons riding Dragons? makes no sense? lol

people would love the trivial option to use Soar over dragon riding once in a while on a 5min cd
as a dragon Race with wings


Welcome to GD, crab mentality only.


Such a dumb and unnecessary decision, all this does is force the people playing this race to now have no choice BUT to use the actual mount which defeats the entire purpose of flying around as a dragon yourself…

Between this and the LFR fiasco I got to say my faith that Dragonflight is even going to be good is starting to shake, AGAIN the companies employees start to make one bad decision after another in alpha and we all have seen where that has lead before.


I can guarantee you that I can. The soar nerf was the right decision. Its flight speed provided a far too great a speed advantage over anything else even despite its limitations. I can also guarantee that the class will still be popular thanks to the fact that it can still fly faster than anything else, again, regardless of its limitations.

I can also guarantee that you’ll try to argue otherwise despite me already telling you that it was OP even with its CD limitations. I can also guarantee that I won’t care since you’ll never change my opinion on the matter.

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All you said was there was an advantage. Explain it. Go on, try.

What. Is. The. Advantage.


I already did. Did you read my response?

You said there is one. What is it?

How is moving faster in Westfall an advantage?


Ah. I see you haven’t read about this issue so that’s why you didn’t understand me. That’s ok. I’ll link it for you:

So you linked the notes on the nerf.


You giant tool


Internal testing determined there was an imbalance for Old World content. Therefore, nerfs were necessary. You just don’t agree with the imbalance.

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I see that not only do you not know what you are talking about but you also do not seem to understand the concept of something gong faster than something else is by definition an advantage. I see you also resort to bad ad hominem attacks when you lose an argument.

I think it best to put you on ignore since you clearly can’t rationally discuss this without resorting to insults. Bye.

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Take a chill pill. It is still roughly 50% faster than epic flying which is more than enough of a boost. It never should have been the same as dragon riding. I think this change is good and I am glad it was done.

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No. Can’t stop and I won’t stop. This is a dumb change to me.

I want them to fully embrace Dragonflying and Soar. I do not want to wait an entire expansion for them to figure it out.


They have fully embraced it. Why else would they allow soar to work in older zones? Just because they are not the same does not mean they are not embraced. For starters when something ‘soars’ it is not trying to fly at maximum speed. Dragon riding is essentially riding a dragon and you can choose how fast or slow you go. Soaring is more akin to gliding which is not associated with super speed. You can not like the change all you want but it was still a good change and I am glad Blizzard is taking into account the effect it has in old zones.

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I hate this change. Theres no advantage in old world content. And as we all know the likely plan was to open dragonflying to the entire world by the end of the expac anyways if people like it.
So if i was blizz i put the speed back up where it should be, drop the cool down to 2 or 3 mins, then a month or so into DF if everyone loves the new mechanic like most people seem to think we will open it open to everywhere flying is allowed. Then everyone is fair and then we can see about removing the cooldown completely and possibly even adding in the dragon riding abilities to the dracthyr soar abilities sobwe can be real dragons.

I thought of 2 place you might be able to get a small advantage if soar was turned on there. And thats Argus and anywhere similar to that where flying wasnt available. And the only unfair thing there would be the possibility of skipping to some mobs you have to do a lot of work to get to like the collect eyeball one


It’s an “advantage” that offers no significant benefit.

You complete a low-level quest slightly faster.

You get to a low level raid entrance slightly faster.

Once every five minutes.

W O W.


Assuming you went out of your way to first position yourself at a higher elevation to even gain the momentum.


To which I say again, with greater emphasis:

W O W .


I feel we should add a wee to the end for the full W O W W E E