Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

There’s a massive question regarding Dragonriding: What about the normal mounts?

Is my Gyrocopter suddenly going to control totally differently? Am I going to have to level up a mount that ‘just worked’?

Bringing Dragonriding to Azeroth brings massive complications because not everyone wants to ride a dragon.

Blizzard knows fun… right?? right???

Give it a stance option in the general spellbook. Make a barding you equip. Make it a toggle for the mount on the mount page.

Idk there are ways of Blizzard giving folks the options.

Currently, this is only something that functions with Dragon Isle dragons.

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Then don’t use it in Azeroth… dragon riding only works on the df dragon mounts

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What you didn’t get Alpha and experience the pleasure of Dragon Riding at its finest?

…I guess you should stream more

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But now a dragon mount could possibly start to make obsolete other mounts, when before this was never an issue.

That is probably why they looked at Soar and Dragonriding in general and decided to swing the nerf bat.

I can believe it. They hate fun in general.


Blizzard I really want you to know that with this simple backwards change. You have really deflated me.

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It’s entirely optional if they allow it in the open world…

It would be a choice between standard swimming in air or auto flying

Or planning out your flight path and actively engage in mechanics to play a mini game

Where by any means is a negative from this… would literally let players choose


So instead of increasing other mount to soar speed :thinking: lets nerf it .

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Yes. Yes it is. I feel sorry for the folks who were duped into a prepurchase.


A 310 vs 600 movespeed is a no-brainer, even with the additional hoops. Yes, I could theoretically ‘AFK-hover’ but that’s not realistic, most people don’t just AFK on a flying mount, they’re using it to get somewhere. Well, the dragon mounts pretty handily outclass every other ‘getting somewhere’ mount rather heavily. So, the nerf comes down and I can’t totally disagree with it.

Normal mounts aren’t changing, at all.

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Again, just make it a toggle for your flying option when you feel like Dragon Riding and when you don’t.


That’s fine and cool and all, but now there’s another question: why use a ‘normal’ mount versus a dragonriding mount if the goal is traversal?

Again, mounts have never been obsoleted before, but now, they’re being threatened.

Because you want to. I still take boats from continents. I take the zeppelin from Thunderbluff to Orgirmmar still. It’s not faster, but I do enjoy the immersion and slowing down. I still take the tram from SW to IF often.

Which is fine. Not everything needs to be super efficient imo to enjoy the world.

For example, using Soar over a portal is super inefficient, but it would be more fun to do.


You can’t effectively stay in the air or gather herbs when dragon riding.

You can hit auto run and afk on a normal mount.


Oh don’t get me started ,wod?


What? auto run it’s no wonder i see people dead every where ,cliff fall.