Blizzard, talk to your community

quit lying you aint going nowhere.


Or they know something that we don’t. Most likely that “something” is that this change affects a very small part of the player base.

This is basically every corporation.

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Speaking of losing customers, today seemed slightly dead… ghost comunity on a high pop server… was eerie

I was on this morning. Org seemed pretty crowded. I’m on Whitemane.

You people are ridiculous, lol.

The change doesn’t hurt botters, at all. This just hurts people either grinding for prebis, or farming instances legitimately.

I don’t care if you think it’s exploitative for mages to AoE farm, because it isn’t, your opinion on that is irrelevant.


Obviously, Blizzard seems to disagree.

We are all free to state our opinions, even if what we say is irrelevant to the bigger picture of Blizz wanting us to play the game a certain way.

Imagine if Blizzard just decided to make it so ALL players only get one hour to play per day. Imagine all these people saying it’s blizzards game, their rules then… they would all be unsubscribing.

I’m not happy with limit so, I have unsubscribed. That is my choice.
Whats the bet when they remove the limit, all these people saying it was a good idea will be complaining…

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Except they have made no comment on this, they explicitly targeted bots and exploiters.

If you’re going to tell me farming SGC or AOE farming is an exploit, explain to me why not a single person has been actioned for it.

Its much easier to dismiss thinks you dislike and label them as exploits.

So why aren’t they making the same adjustment in retail?

If farming dungeons for resources and money is such a huge problem, why is it only being stemmed in classic?

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If they dislike instance grinding, they picked the wrong game to play.

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They weren’t specific about it, no. All they said was “exploitative” and “automated” gameplay. The word “exploitative” can mean, anything.

Again, what does Blizz really mean, when they say “exploitative gameplay”?

It’s better to fix the issue than just have their players continously use methods Blizz doesn’t want them to use.

Then again, I still don’t think this change really stops whatever it was Blizz was hoping to stop.

Retail has LFD, Level Scaling and Level Boosts. Things that aren’t in Classic, and I hope they never do.

I believe it’s more of a problem in Classic than it is in Retail.

Again, I still don’t think this stops whatever it was Blizz was hoping to stop.

For the record, Retail and Classic are two different games.

Probably not instance farming, or they would have taken measures to specifically quell that. The instance change however, was made to combat bots, the context behind it was to combat bots. Botting was the issue commonly discussed before the change. That is why people are pointing out why the change is stupid - because it doesn’t stop botters.

They didn’t do that, and you haven’t explained how these behaviors are exploitative.

doesn’t matter. People still spam dungeons in retail for gold and resources
This whole spammjng dungeons to make money and resources started in retail for petes sake.

So if its getting fixed in classic, why not in retail.

YOU believe. I donr care what you believe. The entire concept of aoe farming and dungeon farming statted in retail. Implement it there too.

Yeah. We know this. You think people don’t abuse stuff to make money in retail? Please.

If you dont think this is fixing the issue, why defend it?

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Isn’t the 30/24hr a taken measure to quell it?

Incorrect. The Blue Post clearly stated both “exploitative” and “automated” gameplay. This just isn’t about the Bots. But, for -all- Cheaters (whether you’re a Bot or not, doesn’t matter. Cheating is still Cheating). And, non-Botting Cheaters shuldn’t get a free pass simply because they’re not Botting. That’s silly.

Again, I already agree that I don’t think this Change is going to stop whatever it is Blizz was hoping to stop.

Agreed, that they actually didn’t “fix” the problem. I’m just saying it’s better to fix the problem than just outright actioning people using the tools already provided by Blizz.

It doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what Blizz thinks. Clearly, they think the Classic Community should be limited down to 30 Instances per 24 Hours. The company believes their Classic Community is “exploiting” their instances hence the Cap.

It does matter because those things have soft pauses, like the que, deserter debuffs, and somebody expressed earlier there is a cap on the LFD, and you won’t see it until running Stocks, a lot. Meaning, the Ques help slow down these dungeon spams.

Because they’re two different Games with their own systems. I mean, Retail has LFD, why not Classic? That’s the level of your question, here.

Then stop talking to me, if you don’t care :smiley:

Aside from that, we’re here to discuss why Classic and not in Retail. I’d be happy to log into Retail for a day and compare the advertising of Paid Dungeon Boosts vs Classic. Last I checked I barely saw any compared to Classic. Two different Culture Practices.

If you know this, you’ll know that Blizz tackles both of these games, differently.

I never said this. You assumed I did.

I’m not defending it. I’m correcting the fact that people seem to think Blizz is -just- focusing on the Bots, they’re not.

Only if you assume they believe farming is an exploit, which you have yet to prove.

Nope, you have yet prove that farming is exploitative. Furthermore, even if we grant this, this doesn’t stop a lot of various forms of instance farming, so if it was meant to, it doesn’t do that.

Unfortunately, our definitions of exploitation vary greatly.

It doesn’t matter what you think either, but the difference is that you are putting words into Blizzard’s mouth, and I am demanding evidence.

It’s not on me to prove that it’s “exploitative” because I’m not making that claim that it is. Blizzard’s the one that seems to think so hence the cap.

You took that quote out of context. The “incorrect” was directed towards your assumption that this change was to counter -just- Bots. It’s not:

Agreed. However, I am curious as to why some think it is stopping them from farming, though…

It’s possible, but it really doesn’t matter, since Blizz is the official arbiter in that scenario.

I -literally- just said this LOL

I already did, when you said this:

Couldn’t this refer to the fly hack some bots were using?

I see your opinion is it refers to people farming instances or boosting, but I don’t agree.

Blizzard generally isn’t so shy about saying which behavior they consider cheating. Usually they only play coy when they don’t have a fix ready yet and don’t want people to look up how to do an exploit.

Like the fly hacking.

It is, because you’re making the claim.

Oh no, I knew you think the change wasn’t aimed at bots, but you’re wrong and haven’t proven a damned thing.

I really do hate repeating myself, so could you go away until you get some evidence?

Could be. Again, the word “exploitative” is so vague.

It’s all Dungeon Spamming, whatever that means to everyone. And, if it’s not about that, why have a Cap?

The words “generally” and “usually” doesn’t equal “all the time”.

Which doesn’t mean Botting, only.

You keeping taking my words out of context. Let me add in the rest, for you:

I didn’t say this. I said it’s not -just- for the Bots.

You’re making this claim yet haven’t proven, anything.

I have, you just don’t like it. Lemme quote the Blue Post, for you, and how it’s not -just- directed towards the Bots:

This suggests, to me, that it’s not -just- about Bots.

Then don’t.


I have, you just don’t like it.