Blizzard, talk to your community

Just talk to us. Ask people what they think of changes before you make them. Or you will be losing customers FAST.

How have you guys not learned this? I’ve quit this game so many times and haven’t bought an xpac since wod because of all the terrible changes introduced in the beginning of that expansion.

I will be quitting again when TBC drops if this instance limit is kept. It is utterly obnoxious.


Found a botter, but seriously, no one is complaining about these changes except for botters/abusers on these forums, lol.


They can’t that would increase costs.
Just like they can’t ban bots and gotta wait for them to conquer the realm before taking actions, which barely changes anything, several bots still farming lotus.
I mean a teenager in deep Russia can do this but a multi billion dollar company and it’s employes cannot.

They might aswell put a cap of threads you can read per day, like 10. Surely white knights would find any petty excuse to defend it lmao.

They do talk to the community when they have something important to talk about. Imagine if they had to comment at every time someone mentioned something. They wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

I don’t think they will lose customers any faster. Sadly there comes times when you can’t please everyone in the game and in my opinion a change that improves the integrity of the game is more important than leaving a change that undermines said integrity.

Just a little bit of constructive criticism if I may.

Sadly when you also said…

Yet you keep coming back and playing the game. Why should they take your threat of quitting serious? Actions speak louder than words. If you want to hit them where it hurts, telling them you are going to quit and not follow up with an action, means nothing.


yep thats the uphill battle we got to face :frowning:

Outside of bots and boosters, the amount of people that use 30 lockouts is totally insignificant


Found an idiot, I do neither and I think they’re trash.


Oh and druid, but who cares about them right? You were too dumb to think of that, so now it doesn’t matter and you’ll defend it to the death.

Wrong. 210 runs a week is plenty.

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As I said, you were too dumb to think of this, or that you could do 3 hours of runs on, for example, Friday night and Saturday morning (a completely normal reasonable playstyle by anyone’s standards) and then get locked out of raiding/alts/etc. for the day on Saturday. Happening to people already.

But dumbs just gonna double down and say: “well my playstyle and opinion are reasonable and deal with it.” That’s you, the dumb guy.

Yet it does not affect bots. It only affects players, sweaty or not.
And the reason they are doing it is to reduce server costs.
But oh well, don’t forget to clean it afterwards.

Waaa I can’t do more than 30 instances in a 24 hour window! waaaa!

Go away. Quit. I’m ok with that.


I’m sorry for your loss.

Main tank here, I use my mage to farm DMe for the gold for my consumes, Why you gotta be trash

Oh such sad. You can only commit 6 hours of lockouts on one day to farming more than could possibly use in a week on current raid content. Such sad.


Lol that’s pretty impressive for a change that when live this Tuesday.


It’s time to tuck yourself back into bed and call it an early day before you get yourself too upset by how others play the game differently from you.

But i didn’t lose anything.
But i am sorry for yours, one day dignity will come back for you my friend.

Yeah, someone doesn’t play the game like I do, thus they’re a bot. Good job buddy, send me an invite to your kindergarten graduation.


We will get through this pain together brother, 30 lockouts at a time

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