Blizzard, talk to your community

I’m trying to empathize with your pain. Let’s cry it out over 30 instances.

That is too sensible to be done.

Agree with you, these changes, such as the 30 lockout, are done for reasons other than to curtail botting.

Better communication needs to occur from Blizzard.

Except, it’s been almost a year of people like you saying this. When the community is as hostile and volatile as this one…combined with the multitude of different requests, I don’t blame them for limiting communication.

You won’t be missed. Ciao!

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But i don’t cry over this stuff.
Damn you are overly sensible, mgtow material i would say lmao.

The only thing they do is throw them all on another Realm. My Realm Netherwind got flooded with these stupid multi-boxing bots so I quit that Realm and started all over again on a Low Pop Realm. Not mentioning the name due to Blizzard’s careless decision making. I am sure in due time this one will get flooded with bots also.

I know that. Change doesnt affect bots.

Or maybe its a perfectly acceptable change and that druid can still run 30 gd instances a day (maybe only 25 on raid days) and still get more than enough mauls to last them a month. Take your complaining somewhere else, we know what you are.

Right cause your play style is the way we should all run, right? You know that works both ways. Dont like it? Dont play anymore an unsub. Pretty simple. It’s their game and they get to dictate how it goes.

Who? Me? This is just my f2p account. I just didn’t know which one was logged in forum because I just wanted to see what the hotfix was about? But I started reading some of these post’s and think if it comes down to “play style” then, make realms specific to those play styles. I am old school and was forced that play style due to terms and now they just let anyone do it? Anywhere? That is ridiculous and I feel like Blizzard owes me a lot of money for being a long term subscriber of multiple accounts played legit. All you fail hards who need to cheat using multiboxing excuses are pathetic and should learn2play.

Seriously? Ask 800,000 people and expect THE SAME ANSWER? That is laughably ridiculous. When and where has that EVER happened? That’s one reason that players don’t make the rules in this highly succesful (ever since 2005) game.

But even if players decided, the “community” isn’t you. Any “community decisions” will probably not be “what you want”. A game where YOU decide rule changes is “a custom game for you”, which is not available for $15/mo.

Players demand (loudly) in the forums that Blizzard do something about exploits. Then some players are upset when Blizzard does something.


You’re actually so wrong. Botters can easily farm black lotus in small servers all day and then transfer to a bigger server with a bank full of em. Little bit of an oversight don’t you think?

I don’t even farm dungeons I like the open world but now it will be flooded with more bots.

This is a silly, misguided fix that I pray is temporary or at least going to end before TBC comes.

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I’m assuming Blizzard has some internal stats to show this change would affects a smaller minority of players and that more people would actually be in favor of the change. Either way, if you and a lot of others unsubscribe you might get Blizzard to change their minds.

I’ll just leave these prophetic words from Tseric:

Can’t help it.
Posting impassionately, they say you don’t care.
Posting nothing, they say you ignore.
Posting with passion, you incite trolls.
Posting fluff, you say nonsense.
Post with what facts you have, they whittle down with rationale.
There is no win.
There is only slow degradation.
Take note. It is the first and only time you’ll see someone in my position make that position.
You can be me when I’m gone.

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For all the talk about “only bots and boosters are complaining”, lets reel that back. I’ve seen everyone from druids hard farming MCP(a guild druid almost locked himself last night farming it) to warriors farming SGC/HoJ anecdotally telling you its entirely possible and not that hard to hit the cap. If we want to make blanket statements, all the people who are for this change are the 30 parse mages who aren’t good enough to farm and the people who just don’t want others to be able to do things they can’t.

Just because you don’t do any of that because its not how you want to play the game, doesn’t mean others want to play as passively as you. There’s no reason to try and force your gameplay mode on someone else just because its not your idea of normal.

The idea that this actually affects bots is laughable. It took all of 2 minutes for people to brainstorm how bots would change their behavior to nullify the effects of this change. It doesn’t take a phd to understand that this change was unnecessary not just because it doesn’t help combat botting but it is actively alienating arguably the most hardcore of the playerbase.

When bots ACTUALLY run the servers because you pushed all the legit farmers out of your game and you still don’t know how to fix botting, you’ll all come crying back that bots are still ruining the game.

In the mean time, I’ll take the last 23 days of my sub, farm 30 instances a day, charge 50% more and make a boatload of money that I can pawn off before I quit. Thanks for increasing my income ratio for the end of my classic career.

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This guy was also having a bit of a breakdown at the time. But generally he is correct but thru PTR they can find feedback from ppl that actually care and aren’t trying to invite drama. Why wasn’t this change tested for reactions before being implemented?

Why does blizzard refuse to use anticheat software that every private server uses now?

Why did that joke of a test last night get labelled as a “success”?

They’re cheap as hell that’s why. Not the devs but the ppl in charge. It’s just so hard to watch. I grew up with blizzard and now I’m considering never buying another product from them again.

I’ve never botted and I quit my sub over this change. Reason being, Blizz is so Tone deaf to their community and the problems in Classic that they honestly think this change will have an impact on bot operations or gold selling is laughable.

The best way to crack down on botting is hiring gm and human cs representatives but it’s obvious they don’t want to do this as it will cost them money, which appears to be the only thing they care about anymore.


This thread is a magnet for the ignorant and the trolls. Iv’e already unsubbed over this change, it’s garbage, a literal joke.

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Blizzard has no respect for you. We had to fight for years to get them to release this game which took little effort to make tons of profits.

They are better than you and they know it. The only thing they are concerned with is how to remove more money from your wallet.

This. This is it. It’s just unacceptable.

So, you’ll be back.