Blizzard should add High Elven Paladins to Void Elves like they added Highborne Mages to Night Elves

And yet people say I act like a victim.


no, just effectively curbed the topic. there are folks in this thread that would start an official helf thread but dont want to lose their ability to post images and videos. some are artists (not referring to myself) who are afraid they’ll be harrassed and flagged to the point they lose their forum priviledges and can no longer post their art, but they’re still here. expressing yourself artistically as an artist holds sway over expressing yourself as an avatar, although the two may intersect.


You got one helluva ego lol


I can’t say that I blame you after everything that many of us have endured from those types of people, like legit the only people that I trust on Discord are the people in our Discord and a few others but that’s it.


If you felt harassed why not ignore /block the person who harassed you and no longer engage with him in conversation? Do we really need to derail every high elf thread like this? Its unfair towards the rest of us who are peacefully trying to advocate for more options.

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He pretty much demanded I come in here and defend myself, so I did. I will also continue to stand up for myself and alert people of predators.


Can you quote / link the part where he demands that please

Well technically he did right here


The toxic part of the high elf community is the most cringe inducing community I’ve seen such far.


Save yourselves the effort. I scrolled up 200 posts, read every single one of them and concluded that Rawrlol has been repeatedly insulting and calling out Kalixtus throughout a large part of this thread. Anyone being repeatedly insulted like that would attempt to defend themselves in some way. Maybe if Rawrlol had not been so rude continuously, he wouldn’t have mentioned Avarie.

Like I said earlier, if you have personal issues with him report him, block and ignore. But you choose to derail every high elf thread instead so you can benefit your own personal agendas to portray that we as a group are bad people.

This is not a topic that belongs in a forum about gaming. It belongs with the systems established by Blizzard for dealing with harassers, such as muting, blocking ignoring, and reporting.


damn a biased source concluded they think I’m mean? I’m truly hurt. I won’t apologize for not being nice to sexual harassment.


Well time to just watch this unfold I have no idea what is going on.

Look here now, you got the customizations to look like a High Elf, be happy with that and stop asking for more.

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:


Right. Never heard any of this but that right there tells me who I should be believing.

If I was falsely accused of something, by proxy or by them, then they showed up I would be… slightly unpleasant… to not get a chat ban towards them for spreading vicious lies attempting to assassinate my Character.

I wouldn’t continue to ignore what they are saying to try and push a relationship of some kind when they have made it, not only clear, but abundantly clear that they do not appreciate my contact with them.

The lack of basic social skills here is staggering.


Damn this thread is took a wild turn

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Just roll a blood elf and use the blue eye customization. We’re all gonna be friends in 9.2.5 anyway.


Can someone explain to me how the magic eyes even work now? I always was under the assumption that the eye color is effected by the magic they use/Sunwell.

The green eyes should be wearing off basically.

Whether that manifests as golden or back to blue is up to the player or keep the green eyes if they choose.

But what’s more curious to me is the fact someone caught that Lanesh looks like he is in Scryer clothes, which he’s been around since MOP and devs said there is a story there we just haven’t been told it yet. If thats the case it could suggest HEs returning to Quelthalas from the Outland group so thats another valid avenue for an explanation for your elf.


There’s no hard source that I can find on the blue eyes, but there’s two inferences that can be made.

One is that an Arcane well can cleanse Fel and replace it with Arcane. We see that in the Warlock green fire questline. There’s an Arcane well that Illidan has been keeping secret from Kael’s blood elves to keep them desperate. It is shown to cleanse demons of their fel and replace it with Arcane. The Sunwell is half Arace, so it could presumably do the same.

The other is that some of the elves still going by the name high elf may have joined the blood elves. There are hints that a few Outland high elves did this, and the blacksmith Lanesh the Steelweaver from MoP (also appears in Legion) may be such an elf.