Blizzard should add High Elven Paladins to Void Elves like they added Highborne Mages to Night Elves

This is why I still can’t see the whole illidan being the true savior of Azeroth thing. This was downright despicable


Just a correction here: No, they did not. You’re probably thinking of Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, a Warrior NPC in the Argent Dawn faction (not Silver Hand).

Yeah back then I think blizzard even clarified that dude was a warrior cause we also see an argent crusade orc but he’s clearly a warrior not a paladin as he is not a maghar orc

There are a few blue eyed thalassian silver hand members in Legion as regular troops you can see around your order hall or recruit as knights or whatever the troop types were called.

By the time of Legion though it could just be a matter of the Sunwell having cleansed Blood Elf green eyes, as I believe they use the blood elf voice lines?

Not really much to go on either direction.

I’d normally not comment on the amount of Paladins the High Elves may or may not have had, but the recent Sylvanas book makes it seem like the Paladin Order of the Silver Hand was not well known or understood in Quel’Thalas.

I imagine if there were any they were immensely few in number.


The sexual harassment alleged to have happened over a year ago in a completely different platform, that being Discord. A platform with a block and report function that could have been utilised, instead of opting for social justice in a completely different platform, on a totally irrelevant subject.


I did block him on discord. And this is something people really ought to know. Whether people believe me or not, I want them to remain safe and be aware.


If you’re so concerned about this not being discussed here why aren’t you dropping it?
It wasn’t ‘alleged’ btw.
Way to support a sexual harasser though. :nauseated_face:


At least it’s clear where that person stands despite trying to give the impression it was unfair of people to look at HE fans and assume where they stand.

I personally don’t assume peoples stance on issues but I do believe them when they show me.


Less elves! More tauren! We got da beef!

Regardless of timespan why are you defending someone that is a sexual harasser and further than that, why are you acting like the person that was harassed by said person is the bad one? It’s really not a good look.


Drop something that kept being repeated several times in the thread? Why exactly should I be the one to drop it? You are definitely willing to entertain the subject yourself so you’re no better.

That escalated quickly :slight_smile: nice of you to assume anyone with different opinions defends this kind of behaviour.


I am saying this is not the place to discuss this matter. It didn’t even happen in a WoW platform. It took place in a different platform and thus I think it should be resolved outside of the forums.


That’s for a mod to decide not you.

Discord is a gaming based social platform and WoW is a game.

Anywhere that the person that was victimized decides to bring it up at should be where it should be brought up, it’s good to let others know what happened so that they are aware of the type of person that is pushing for these types of things.


The discussion moved on to High Elves that return to Quel’thalas joining the Blood Elves / blue eyes returning lol.

I get engaging in the convo but if the convo moved on and your entire stance is to wish people would stop talking about it, it seemed that stance was best represented by not engaging, unless the intent was to in fact engage and what looks like defend the behavior being discussed.

That persons intent / actions are very clear I agree despite the fact they claim to try to come off as the person wishing the discussion to end they in fact restarted the discussion after it ended, which is fine it’s their choice to do so but then it rings hollow the calls to end the discussion as they very much too wish to engage.


It just seems like they can’t see past the helfer support group bias. :woman_shrugging:t2:


They’ve asked for that in the past already. For them, it’s either Silvermoon becomes a neutral city that allows void elves in (when their exile from Silvermoon is part of why they ended up becoming void elves in the first place), Silvermoon is returned to (read: stolen for) the Alliance (because it’s apparently not enough that the Forsaken just lost their home), or the void elves are allowed their own town in Eversong or the Ghostlands. Obviously, none of these are happening.

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its okay. can we move in with the gnomes? our home is currently a couple void infested rocks, floating in the void. no homes/buildings at all.


you better not be referring to me.

for the record, i’m sorry to hear avarie felt harrassed. that is the extent of my knowledge or responsibility. i am not gonna start accepting guilt for stuff other people do, nor stop describing my own experiences on these forums. if you’re expecting me to hang my head in shame because some guy had a crush on someone who didnt reciprocate it, its not gonna happen.


They still have visible Silver Hand Paladins in the class hall and the Paladin Class Trainer in Northrend.

It makes sense that it wouldn’t be understood in Quel’thalas. Those elves ultimately became Blood Elves. So High Elves as we know them are the ones still running around Alliance territory.

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