Blizzard please make it personal loot! NOW!

This was the greatest change to the game! No more loot drama, no more dkp systems, nothing! Maybe don’t give everyone such a high chance at the gear but I think this would be perfect with BWL coming up.


Retail is over there ------->


Pretty sure they have personal loot on retail, and wouldn’t you know it the same sub you get both games, have fun!


That means I’d have to actually buy that BFA trash. I’ll pass on that.




There are no cons to personal loot whatsoever. I, for one, would welcome the change. It would not affect the authenticity of the game IMO.


Be careful OP. There are people who think Druids shouldn’t be able to have a staff of shadow flame because then they might actually be able to farm effectively instead of just heal botting.


Except that personal loot was based around gear itemized for a specific class role. You enjoy that healing gear now!


Yeah, except that feeling of community and wanting loot to drop for your guild and whatnot. Personal loot means I couldn’t give a rats butt about where or with who I raid, because the guild no longer matters.


Maybe it’s too early in the morning, but I’m having trouble picturing this in my mind. Why would the guild no longer matter if you can’t solo said content? And isn’t there still a master looter setting in raids in retail?

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Personal loot and titanforging/corrupted gear is why I don’t play BFA. It makes gearing up unrewarding, and makes it hard for guilds to distribute gear as they see fit. I’m pretty sure blizz is just trying to get rid of guilds entirely, there’s really no reason to be in one anymore unless you raid mythics.

Nope they got rid of it in BFA, in legion you could use ML in mythic, and in other difficulties if the group was 80%+ the same guild. In BFA everything is PL. And you can do all content crossrealm through the group finder. And its not typical garbage pugs either, if you’re selective you can put together a good group and clear heroic in the first 2 weeks easily. The only thing you need a guild for anymore is mythic raids.


Shut your dirty mouth!


Ummmmm no. I’ve watched like 4 players get a Mageblade recently… and I’m next for a weapon be it another blade, SoD or something from BWL.

I have more DKP. It’s fine. :slight_smile:

I suspect trolling. This was one of the worst changes made in retail. I don’t think there’s a single raiding guild who was like, “yea that was really helpful for our ability to progress as a team!”

Some of the changes I don’t like that exist in retail I can at least understand. Personal loot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I have no idea what Blizzard was thinking and wish they would up and revert the damn thing already.

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This is a terrible idea! I really hope Activision does not start catering to these types of requests. Totally wrecked the game in the first place humoring this type of thing.

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They were trying to stop “guilds taking loot from players who earned it” if people realized leaving a guild with a corrupt LC was an option wed still have normal looting. PL is great for dungeon pugs, but for raid guilds it’s hot garbage.

Because the game is easy. Players run with a guild to make things easier and mostly for a fair set of rules. The game is already easy enough to pug all these end game instances with very little issues. So why make the effort to make raid times, and raid rules, just pug and get your gear.

Its glorious in raids tbh. Makes looting faster. Plus I can just leave my loot on the boss and it will get mailed to me later. I dont even have to loot anymore. We can clear way faster than before.

Master loot = time sink. Dont much care for it.

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personal loot is probably bar none the worst change ever implemented into world of warcraft and one of the biggest reasons i no longer play retail.


That it a good point I kinda forgot about that lol. I still miss the social aspect of handing out loot though. PL just makes every run feel like a pug. Maybe it would feel better if they got rid of titanforging and all that other crap.