Blizzard Player Housing?

Didn’t one of the content creators that went to the summit a few months back say the devs were seriously looking into this?

Problem is blizzard thought of garrisons as player housing and everyone considered it one of the key reasons WoD was the worst expansion to date (BFA is trying to challenge that) so they have given up on it

+1 Does anyone remember how Runescape did it? There were portals in certain parts of the world you could interact with to bring up a list of people who chose to build there and enter–unless locked or required a password. It’s a little fuzzy but there were plenty of perks to owning one. Similar things could be done in wow, like maybe profession rooms, dummy rooms, an armory where you can show off your sets/transmogs, portal rooms… Etc.

At this point interaction between players is already almost non-existent. should housing become a thing similar to runescape’s version, at least people could all come together and enjoy the perks of knowing gold-rich people who want to show off their homes.

No, that is why it is a dead issue. They ALWAYS say that; They’ve said it for 14 years. It is just “spinning.”

posted 2004-12-14
Caydiem: “Housing is a huge feature with a lot of dedicated time needed. While we definitely want to do housing, and it is something ‘on the list’, it’s not a ‘soon after release’ feature. It’s more of an ‘on the horizon’ feature. :)”

This is the odd one, no idea why this was ever said by this “Katricia”, when it wasn’t happening:

posted 2004-07-15
Katricia: "Guild Halls will most likely not be implemented before World of Warcraft is released. They are very similar to Player Housing (which also will not make the release).
Both Player Housing and Guild Halls will be implemented as soon as possible after release.
I have no information available regarding the functions of either Guild Halls or Player Housing . ~Kat :slight_smile: "

posted 2006-1-7
Tigole: " You’ve posted some really cool ideas on Guild Halls.
Player and guild housing is something we’ve always been interested in pursuing. While we won’t be including those features in the Burning Crusade, that doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our hope to include housing in the game sometime in the future."

posted 2006-10-02
Nethaera: “The word is that we like the idea of player housing and would like to implement it at some point in the future, however we don’t have any particular ETA of when we will. There is a laundry list of things we still would like to add to World of Warcraft and this is just one of them.”

posted 2008-9-01
Drysc: “Heh, well skimming through it seems not everyone wants player housing at the moment. Not that we use the forums as a barometer for popular opinion, but anyway…Player housing is still something that intrigues us. If the place and time are right, and we can add player housing and make it a meaningful addition to the game, make it cool, we’ll do so.”

Then, of course, Garrisons.

Which is when websites like this stopped having updated quotes, since they considered that “getting housing.”

However, you can compare them to what was said in that interview. What they said makes it no closer now than it was in 2004, 2006, 2008, etc.

If they ever did housing it would be done with phasing. There isn’t enough real estate in game for every player to have a house with a physical location. I don’t want to see wall to wall houses in Elwynn Forest.

If it were phased that means players are being removed from the world, that’s what Blizzard doesn’t want.

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I’d love to see player housing, but i think there should be no game services there at all, no repair, no vendor, nothing but a space to decorate and hang out.

Any game services in there risk going back to the days of empty cities because of everyone sitting around inside their garrison.

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Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn…about comments made between 2004 and 2008. It is now 2019, which is when the latest information was provided to us. If you believe their ideas and attitudes about the game do not change over a period of 8 or more years, you need a bit of a reality check.


I agree, though I do rather like ESO’s idea - if you own a house located in a particular zone, you can travel to it instantly. So having more than one house in more than one zone gives you a person portal system. Which I find very cool.

Admittedly, ESO does not have flight, but it does have wayshrines which provide the same travel system as our flight points, except it is, again, instant.

Nope. 1 house, but many zone choices for your one house. Put in a system where you can sell your house and buy a new one somewhere else, but limit it to one house at a time.

I share your concern about abuse of guild rewards. But I have always thought the problems with guild leveling could have been fixed simply by limiting a guild leader’s ability to profit off such things. For example, make a guild only transferable to someone who has been in the guild for six months or more. Make guild funds so you cannot withdraw them and so they can only be used for repairs and guild-specific purchases.

There are ways to make guilds work without so many problems.

See, I don’t want to have to buy houses. I want to make them.

Have a number of locations around the world and to get a house you have to make it. Someone else once suggested this idea and I fell in love with it. You start a quest which takes you to, say, a place that needs a lot of work, its falling apart. You have to invest time in collecting materials to fix it requiring travel, questing, getting the right tools, skilling up on the tools, cutting wood, carving stone, arranging transport…the possibilities are enormous. You fix the house, you make it to suit your character’s race. The bigger it is, the longer it takes.

Not just something to put pretty things on the wall in, but something YOU choose and make and put effort into creating.

Now THAT would be player housing on a wowscale.


Ive had a lot of input on these things over the years and here are my main points:

  • Runescape a java based game made player housing work and yet wow somehow cant?

  • In runescape it was through a skill (profession on wow) called construction so you leveled it to unlock new materials.

  • it was an instance that you could invite people in your party in. Took up no actual space the portal took everyone into their own instance.

  • Anything that lets you mess with aesthetics in a game will up time played. Many people only play for transmog.

  • Player housing would bring something to guilds. Especially if you had a “guild hall” option.

I spent far too much time in my WoD Garrison. I don’t think housing is a good idea TBH.

They want a more social emphasis.

OK, buy the land to build it on. I don’t mind it being a crafting project.

I still don’t think you should be able to have more than one at a time, just because of server load.

Umm, player housing is one of the reasons Warlords of Draenor was such a failed expansion… They had to cut out the Shattrath raid tier and change the end boss just to get the expac over with and move on faster…

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True, I had each class at max level and after running table missions, I was out of time to play longer.

True I made about 3 million gold in WoD, but didn’t have time to do anything else, because the garrison was too successful.

Uhmmm that wasn’t player housing/

Have you ever played an MMO with real player housing?

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Have you ever played other mmos with housing?

Yeah and I don’t think that it is worthwhile to add into World of Warcraft.

I’m not sure on what you base your statement that it would be forgotten into the next expansion, then…

Housing is player driven content that can be featured in a lot of WoW’s aspects. I can’t think of a single MMO in which a proper housing system have been a failure or was forgotten.

Even dying MMOs like Wildstar had its housing community thriving when the actual pve content were uninteresting.

Personally, my opinion on this is that Blizz is holding the “housing card” for when WoW faces a dire situation, because it is one of the most claimed features by the community. Sadly it might be too late when they decide to invest time on the idea.

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