Blizzard is too reactive

They no longer work with anyone more than 50 yards away which means you can no longer keep track of certain boss mechanics in raids.

Blue post on this? I must’ve missed it.

Like Glinda mentioned, it is specific cases.

I.e. the spread on Rag will result in players being >50 yards apart, and thereby Details will not register their DPS.

LiveLogs are unaffected though, so you can use that as a backup. Less that optimal, but hey - Blizzard “fixed” something, who’s surprised.

Yea i read it shortly after i asked the original question.

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imagine worrying about parses in a pvp guild on a pvp server.

This thread said dps meters, like recount, not sure why everyone keeps saying parses are working? i know parses are working.

Your reading comprehension seems abysmal if that’s what you got from reading the blue post … you DID read it, didn’t you?

Its like they are listening to their customer… how they dare?!


Basically this. It’s not about faction. It’s about people, and people suck.

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‘pvp’ server lmao

Either that, or you’re saying exactly what I was saying – DPS meters are a poor measure of class contribution because they don’t tell people everything that’s going on. They only tell enough to fool people into thinking they’re giving all the information, and the people who know better don’t need the meters.

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A server only queue system would be nice. Where groups for instances on a server are only formed not teleported. I think it would actually encourage gameplay instead of curb it.

There’s a time and a place for the meters. If you’re wiping on a boss repeatedly because you’re failing to meet enrage timers, the meters may identify issues that need to be corrected. If you’re trying to optimize your own DPS on a given fight and want to properly time your cool downs, meters can help you with that.

If you want to maximize your meter numbers and ignore important fight mechanics in the process just so that you can point to the numbers as objective evidence of your superiority, then you’re using the meters incorrectly. Sadly, many use meters incorrectly.


Therein lies the problem.

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Why would you not want bgs as soon as possible?

Well, so is the playerbase.

I’ll delete my posts when blizzard deletes the changes

Sounds like someone here doesn’t know DPS meters are a broad term that actually covers any number of incredibly helpful things to track in terms of raid contribution, such as healing, threat, CCs, and dispells to name a few.

Sounds like someone here is real glad they can now say: “But RL, I wasn’t AFK that whole fight, I swear! I was just outside your combat log range!”

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I’m sorry, did you just say that even the term itself isn’t accurate, let alone the picture it gives?

Im confused by your question. The term “DPS meters” is a community originated terminology in reference to addons such as Recount, Details!, etc.

These addons while popularized by their ability to measure DPS, also measure stuff like HPS, TPS, buffs, debuffs, dispells, CCs, CC Breaks, Interrupts, and Activity % (as a function of # of globals used in a fight), to name but a few.

To say that “DPS Meters” are bad, because DPS by itself is a poor indicator of class contribution is a fairly uninformed stance to take. :+1: