Blizzard is too reactive

This thread is constructive and each side is well thought out, polite rebuttal.



Billy did 200 dps and casted more frostbolts than Ricky

Ricky had less resists and did 300 dps

Ricky is better than billy.
They are both in a speed running guild and care.


this dude is a career troll

I just read the blue post. 50 yards should be sufficiant enough to get fairly accurate information. And if Details links between people it aill help.

If not the post says that the information that logs use will still be accurate. So as far as people still being able to gauge DPS on fights, its still 100% working.

Yeah. Parse don’t mean much in MC. Fights are too short. Mechanics too simple.

Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s also going for tier 1 set bonuses because some BIS list tells him to, but it’s actually really bad in short fights, and he should be in strictly as much + healing as possible, which the tier 1 shaman set has very little of.

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It’s about as well thought out as the people reading the change and thinking it’s a nerf or breaks the addon. Pass the popcorn!

Ricky is a BEAST man! I would kick billy out of my raid.


Noobs generaly dont care about performance.

Noobs generally dont understand the difference between a lucky crit string or an unlucky resist string.

People who care about Data generally arent noobs.


Rag still died in phase 1 but we have decided to bench billy and find another more adequate player to push our kill from 1 minute and 20 seconds to 1 minute and 15 seconds.

noob stacking fire resist instead of more dps out put LOL what is he gonna tank rag?

In my experience 90% of the time people are reading off parses/damage done/dps they have no idea what APM is, ignore resists, and basically just look at DPS.

Thats my experience too. Which is why i dont take people to seriously when they boast about parses right now.


Bro, look we get that you are getting your rock n roll fantasy on: The Golden Horde mowing all down.

But we PVE dudes need something other than raiding Tarren Mill. And others would like to see if the Horde PVP gonna get exposed in balanced play.

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If blizzard doesn’t fix the AV map horde are going to poop on the alliance over and over again

What are you going on about?

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I don’t believe for a second that that was an unintended consequence.


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Meanwhile you are at 68 percentile in MC as your best. Whitemane horde player carried in wpvp by your faction’s overwhelming numbers over Alliance.


They’re actually useful during raids to keep an eye on mechanics.

That is a very good point.

It’s somewhat hard to believe during testing for the change or even solution design for the implementation that nobody on the project team mentioned this would actually enhance Spy… Unless they truly do not play, which i don’t think is the case - at least not for the QA team doing final testing.